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Affordable housecleaning


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Laurie's Diamond shine cleaning

Affordable Male cleaner:

Need house cleaning done
And want to save money and stay within your budget we are here to help and maintain our clients home clean plus our senior citizens and handicapped cleaning clients maintain a clean and healthy home living and stay within their budget, our cleaning price package are fair priced to all value clients,
Count on Us , Call on us :
We're here 7 days a week ,
Office hours : 9am to 10pm
Days or evenings cleaning available
We have a cleaning representative answer your call on all your household cleaning questions ? .

Early morning before 9am / and after 5 pm : Ask for the owner: Laurie/ or assistant/ Anthony:
Call :
Laurie's Diamond shine cleaning

Ask our company for our affordable. MALE CLEANER:

For your home or apartment cleaning:

Read on what we clean:

Low affordable price hire our experienced mature affordable house cleaner :

License certificate house cleaning
Maid service:

Best house cleaner Male cleaner
Will your house cleaning done right sparkling clean:

Call on Laurie's Diamond shine cleaning/ Free estimates: in home estimates we will sit down and agree a house cleaning price , to fit your budget:

Best cleaning and Affordable price on
Small homes / Apartment complex cleaning/ Garage apartments/ and basements apartment/ college student apartment cleaning/ bachelor pad apartment cleaning

Call for our male cleaner:
He really does a great cleaning results, in our clients homes, and Low price :

Cleaning with in our clients budgets
For small home cleaning:

Free in home cleaning estimates/
Responsible mature and good house cleaner:

Cleaning over 10 years
We carry satisfied cleaning clients references:

We also carry all cleaning supplies and vacuum/ unless our clients prefer us to use their own Cleaning supplies/

See us here on Craigslist/ and on our website/ on Google website/ yahoo/yelp / Manta/ and a whole lot more website / and Facebook LAURIE'S HOUSE CLEANING/ AND LAURIE'S DIAMOND SHINE/

Male household cleaner Affordable professional home cleaner ,
And less expensive:

We give our male cleaner a chance To clean: Male house cleaner:

Our male cleaner is experience cleaning home and trained by our company , and do a real great job , isn't that the most important, and real affordable:

Read on what we clean price is all different and affordable/

1 male cleaner for small home or apartment cleaning:
Depending on the home messes cleaning/ if bigger mess cleaning , then I'll send out 2 cleaner Female and male Or more depending on the mess clean ups/

Male cleaner:
Offering cleaning. / Small homes cleaning/
Garage apartments/ or basements apartment cleaning/
Plan basement sweeping and dusting / Cleaning vacation home
Home rental/
Cleaning Empty Homes or furnished home cleaning/
Car vacuuming/ home parked RV's clean / home parked boat cleaning/
Party bus cleaning/
College student apartment cleaning/
Apartment complex cleaning/
Cleaning off pet hairs off Couches/
Part hall rental messes cleaning after party messes/ Pet hair cleaning/ off floors and Couches vacuum cleaned spotless clean/
Move-in move out mess cleaning:
Cleaning off cieling spider webs/
Cleaning off Dusty cieling fans , dusted and wipe down cleaning/
Empty home cleaning package wipe down walls / cleaning inside windows and window sills/ baseboards/ radiators / wood moldings/ Cleaning kitchen cabinets/ stoves/ ovens / microwave
Inside and out / Deep detail Immaculate Cleaning package are different price/ cleaning whole kitchen cabinets and bathrooms sparkling clean we could provide a detailed deep Immaculate Cleaning
Or regular Low price wipe down cleaning/
Cleaning Empty Homes to Furnished home cleaning/

ever price is affordable Lower price then our competitors company price of house cleaning:

All prices are affordable:
And lower price on / Senior citizen home cleaning discounts/ Disabled or handicapped house cleaning cleaning discount / military vet home cleaning discount:

Our prices depends on the cleaning
Light / small / or heavy cleaning messes

Call on Laurie's Diamond shine cleaning : Your most affordable cleaning service prices /
Free estimates: /
And schedule appointment # 631 522-2784:

On bigger household mess and big homes we Call in women cleaner, To do the deep detail cleaning/

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