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Contact:Carol Joyce Carr


Hi there, I'm 26 and  live in the Gateshead Area. I have been unemployed for 5 months, and I'm desperate to find work , as it gets me down i just want something that i can be comfortable with and develop a standard in a supportive company . I can clean generally I currently volunteer in a charity stock room I process stock and make sure only good quality items are sold,I also help manager find items to fill up certain sections on shop floor. I am prepared to take on new challenges and be shown the ropes on things.i want to learn new things and progress I can sometimes take longer to adjust to new environments, I can struggle with certain things. I aim to over come any obstacles, I am a trier, and someone who wants to succeed no matter if I fail the first time. 


In honesty, I don't have much extensive work experience behind me I haven't got much experience in a range of sectors, but I'm aiming to train and learn something new, to add to my track record , I haven't worked for many companies. I had paid employment briefly for 2 months . I been to college and Sixth form,  but that was years ago I was caring for my father for four years. During this time I also volunteered. My only main work experience is the charity shop-there i have developed alot of practical skills, I have been there on and off since 16, I had difficulty establishing a career path but .that's where I gained the routines of working and following a structured time, whilst gaining team work skills, starting this path has helped my confidence, but now I feel it is time to try new things, as I has been a period of years I have been involved with scope, partly I haven't moved into paid employment all those year ago was lack of confidence but since I'm more confident I feel more able to go out there. I just need someone to encourage me sometimes and has always helped me. I hope to gain new experiences and challenges.


for some reason i take longer to settle in a new place and to adjust to a new routine, in my last job my contract ended because i couldnt keep up with a certain thing-understading lenthgs i was worried about losing job and not being quick enough within a certain length of time, i made too many mistakes early on in the job, during which i thought i had longer to work to the standard, im worried that the same will happen in other enviroments and jobs., but im a determind person and i aim to over come and issues i may have.


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