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Janitorial Day Supervisor


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Ad number:#443168410
Contact:Denise Ruiz
City:San Diego
Compensation:$18.00 per hour


At Pegasus Building Services, we deliver high-quality, innovative cleaning services and improve the lives, property and assets of our customers.  We strive to deliver "WOW" experiences through exceeding our customer's and employee's expectations.  You must be quick to respond, with care, compassion, and attention to detail.  Working as a part of a world-class team, to achieve great things together.  If our customers and employees don't rave about Pegasus, than we have failed.

Our EMPLOYEE OWNED COMPANY is expanding through a growing reputation for quality and customer satisfaction.  We are on our way to becoming the premiere facility services company in the country.  We are adding new staff, raising the expectations of our existing team, and setting the bar higher every day.

If you think you have what it takes to help take this organization to extraordinary levels, please apply.

Essential Functions

  • Maintain effective communication with the Customer (Point of Contact), and with Company Manager.
  • Assign work and monitor its performance within shifts or sites to assure that all contract requirements are met; that all policies and procedures are adhered to, and that all objectives are met.
  • Assure that all employees are trained in proper techniques for the efficient, safe and quality performance of their job(s).
  • Quality control functions require regular written on-site inspections conducted with the employee and/or customer.
  • Monitors staffing levels to satisfy Scope of Work while remaining within targeted labor hours.
  • Maintain adequate inventory levels of supplies required for successful performance of the contract at all times.
  • Requires a satisfactory working knowledge in all major areas of building maintenance, including restroom sanitation, office cleaning, carpet care, hard floor care, equipment operation and maintenance, chemical knowledge, SDS, OSHA and safety.
  • May be required to attend scheduled training sessions conducted by the Operations Manager.
  • Knowledge of computers including spreadsheets, word processing and other necessary products as determined by management. 
  • Ability to fill out clear, legible written reports, payroll records, quality control inspections, inventory reports, safety and other forms as needed.
  • Expertise in communicating basic cleaning tasks in a simple format to line workers.
  • Ability to read, comprehend, and implement the Scope of Work for a contract and communicate that knowledge to workers.
  • Capacity to substitute for staff on short notice.
  • Other duties as directed by the management.

Basic Qualifications

  • Valid driver's license is required.
  • Due to job site requirements, U.S. citizenship is required.
  • Fluent in English/Spanish is required.
  • Must pass background check.
  • Minimum three years of janitorial industry supervisory experience is required.

Applicant must provide proof of work authorization, and complete an I9 and eVerify process.

Schedule: Monday-Friday; 6:00 am-3:00 pm. Flexibility to work on the weekends is required.

For further information, please contact Denise Ruiz at 858-444-2290 ext. 226

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