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Fortunate Son - George W. Bush and the Making of an American President


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    Author: J. H. Hatfield

    Publisher: St Martins Press 1st Edition (not many survived)

    "George W. Bush's phenomenal ascension to the front ranks of the Y2K presidential race has left many of us, while attracted by his obvious charm, with no clear idea of what he's done in the past, or what he hopes to do in the future. Through exhaustive research and probing interviews, award-winning biographer and journalist J.H. Hatfield succeeds in providing us with an invaluable portrait of this largely unknown man that, more than any other, appears to have the key to the Oval Office already safely tucked away in his pocket. The book delves into Bush's well-planned strategy to win the White House in 2000, offers insight into his defining moment, the upset of the popular and charismatic Ann Richards in the race for Texas governor, and illustrates how Bush's upbringing in Midland, Texas, and the death of his young sister played substantial roles in shaping the future governor. Fortunate Son is a balanced, engrossing portrait of a man--and a nation--at the threshold of history."

    Note: Many of these original 1st editions no longer survive. It has been alleged that the Bush family placed pressure on St. Martins Press to recall these from Amazon and other outlets and have them destroyed.

    Later paperback reprints are available.

    Why was this book burned? What is in it that warrants censure?

    Despite a spectacular thrashing in public after Fortunate Son was first released by St. Martin's Press, author J.H. Hatfield has retracted nothing. He stands by his three sources that allege Bush was arrested for cocaine possession in 1972. Underneath heavy fire in the media, the former publisher panicked. But as Jenny Lyn Bader points out in The New York Times, "If he's merely a convicted felon...that doesn't preclude him from being a successful writer. Indeed, St. Martin's Press underestimates the forgiveness of the American people. People might not mind a former convict writing a book as long as the book is really good.

    Fortunate Son was #30 on The New York Times Hardcover Nonfiction Best-Seller list. Reader responses on the web show Americans outraged at this title's suppression: some saying that this book has changed their vote, while others don't accept that a meticulous, fact-checking biographer should be "baby seal-clubbed" with allegations about his past.

    Soft Skull reprints Fortunate Son to allow the voters to judge for themselves. We hope to prove that democracy can still exist despite the preferences of the privileged. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title."

    Hardcover with jacket. 367 pages. ISBN: 0-312-24268-9

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