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Babe Ruth Autographed Baseball & Lou Gehrig Photo & Career Plaque & Signature


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Thank you for taking the time to look at my Babe Ruth baseball and Lou Gehrig Plaque with his career stats and autograph that looks like it was made for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

After examining this ball and trying to figure out the manufacturer, I am guessing that the main BABE RUTH name on the sweet spot that looks so nice is the manufacturer stamp, but I am not sure, as I do not think it is a signature.

As you will see below this BABE RUTH name on the sweet spot, someone has written, "Japan 1934," and to the right of this I truly believe that this is a legit Babe Ruth signature.  But who wrote "Japan 1934?"  Where did this inscription of "The Order of the Golden Kite" come from and is this really the symbol of The Order of The Golden Kite?

A friend of mine has a brother working in Japan and his brother in Japan's associate there is saw photos of the ball and he freaked when he saw the ball and asked how I was able to acquire a ball with "The Order of the Golden Kite," on it. Obviously none of us had any idea what the symbols are that are inscribed on two sides of the ball, as the Japanese gentleman in Japan said it represented "The Order of the Golden Kite."

The Japanese gentleman explained that the symbol of, "The Order of the Golden Kite" created in Japan was involving honor and valor and he suggested that this ball was possibly personally made for Babe Ruth or maybe for him to sign? Who knows? And above and beyond what this symbol really means, was it placed on the ball before or after it was signed? How was this symbol inscribed on the ball?

The Lou Gehrig Plaque with his career stats and signature is old and you can see on the plaque it says it was made for the Baseball Hall of Fame, and not the MLB Hall of Fame. Looking at the back of the plaque you can also see how old it is as it has the old brown wrapping like paper attached is like on the back of old vintage paintings. The plaque was also authenticated by Memories & Legends that was a well recognized and respected authentication company years ago before they finally went out of business because now there are sports authentication companies on every corner, and they were old school and the guys got older and just retired along with the company.

I love these 2 items, they are my favorites and I was hoping to have more time to research all of them and really prove their values that I believe to be huge. If you are a collector with any kind of imagination, I think you can see where I am coming from with them potentially being worth megabucks.

I am in the middle of a medical emergency that means large medical bills so I am putting them up for sale. This is the truth as I have been collecting for many years with never any intent to sell and never thought I would have to sell any of it but crap in life happens.

I apologize as I can only post 5 photos on here.

Thanks so much for taking the time to look at this posting.

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