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Looking for an awesome money-making business opportunity? look no further.  Tired of working for someone else? if so, be your own boss and work the shifts that most meet your needs.  This requires you to be a leader, all of us have it deep inside and the desire to lead as a team player and be self-driven.  This business does not require you to pay any franchise fees or royalties to anyone company to run your own business.  Simply put, the food industry among others is a recession proof as everyone needs to have food to function and the latests stats shows that one out of each one of us, need food to survive..., now is that a new revelation my friend or what!!! 8) 

There are some noticeable differences here in owning your own food trailer cart.  Imagine owning your own restaurant and having to pay for tons of overhead expenses from utility bills, to property taxes, rent, insurance,and others I am not going to mention here. These are just a few examples. What I am offering here to the right person(s) is a chance to be your own boss and see the potential of having a BRAND NEW food trailer cart ready to operate your own self. (Currently undergoing inspection by the Los Angeles County Health Department as of the writing of this ad).  This is a self-contain unit with its own electric generator, electric box, propane gas tank, soda ice bin, water heater, water pump, water inlet valve compartment (HANSEN 4HK), waste water tank (4x40x66=45 GAL) all plumbing, connections, joints meet NSF/ANSI Standards, two door brand new refrigerator, a steam table to keep your food warm; again, this is a brand new unit from top to bottom with too many features to mention here.   You must have a vehicle capable to tow this unit.  Well..., let's get to the interesting and exiting part of this business opportunity.  This food cart is capable of serving ready to eat foods for about 500 people, whether you are working in down town LA keeping up with the night life demand, going to small festivals or feeding the hundreds of people exiting the football games at USC, the Coliseum, upcoming Football Stadium in Inglewood or the countless concerts and events throughout the city of Los Angeles.  The sky is the limit literally, be mindful that each citiy has their own laws and regulations and you must obtain appropriate permits to play there.  This is a professional/commercial grade food cart unit; unlike the competition.  You will have the oportunity to wrap this unit with your own advertising and separate yourself from the rest.  This will require you to invest a nominal amount to get you up and running.  I am renting this unit for only $550.00/ month + a $450.00/ month fee for a mandatory county-wide regulation to park all food trucks and trailers in a commissary.(this fee you cannot do without).  These commisaries are at a premium and difficult to find with available space. (I have secured a space for this unit and so this should be ready to go).  I will have manufacturer show you how to operate equipment, after lease is signed.  I am currently just leasing it; however, if you are truly interested in this business venture, I may consider selling it to right person.  I am ex-military and I appreciate working with serious individuals, serious about making something big with their lives.  I could be reached via e-mail at CRYPTOTEK365@HOTMAIL.COM.  Please send me an e-mail to let me know if you are interested, also, please provide a phone number where you could be reached.  Thanks.

- Leo


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