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U.S. Home Construction Inc. specializes in all types of kitchen remodeling. From gut-remodeling to small renovations, backsplash installation, carpentry and cabinet installation. We understand that the kitchen is the heart of every home. Choosing the right company is a crucial decision in your home remodeling process, but take it easy, because STRESSED is DESSERTS spelt backwords.


The Best Kitchen Remodeling Chicago Service in Chicago Area

Kitchen, Bathroom remodeling Chicago - U.S. Home Construction Inc. an honest, reliable, unique and professional business. We care about our customers and serve cost-effective plants and one of a kind design. We will walk you thru the whole process and save time and money while working on the project. We have a solution for your all needs. U.S. Home Construction Inc. has deals with local materials suppliers and the best team! 

Whether you need to make a few improvements or to completely change your kitchen look, the first step is to decide on what are you trying to accomplish. Remodeling process starts with detailed measurements of your space. We will help you choose a perfect layout to fulfill your vision. After deciding on the design, we will help match materials, cabinets, appliances and countertops for better esthetics.

Our complex offer let you choose from wide range of services to ensure your vision will be fulfilled.  Project price depends on the size of the bathroom, amount of work which needs to be done and choose of materials.  Our contractors are licensed, top of the line professionals geared to making your vision come true with the least amount of hassle. Our consultants will analyze your individual needs and guide you towards your next step.


If you like the layout of your kitchen, we will install your predesigned or custom cabinets to emphasize new color and atmosphere. There is always a way to unlock the potential of your kitchen whether is Installing new granite countertops, installing new floors or reorganizing your kitchen to become more functional.

Your overall satisfaction is very important to us. That is why U.S. Home Construction makes sure that all projects are done on time and with direct attention to the details. Remodeled kitchens will make your home more appealing while also increasing the value of your real estate. It is worth the time, money and effort and with us you will avoid being overwhelmed with the whole process.

Remodeling process starts with detailed measurements of your space and consultation. We will help you choose a perfect layout to fulfil your needs. After deciding on the design, we will help match materials, cabinets, appliances and countertops for better esthetics. After that we offer complimentary consultation so you can get the kitchen of your dreams.

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