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Ad number:#641208561
Contact:Timothy Michael Burns
Compensation:Up to $2,500


It's interesting, don't you think? If you look at most of the successful online business out there, there's a common theme. Their success is tied to one critical thing.

And that critical thing is...writing.

Many businesses are based completely around writing. Think bloggers, freelancers, ebook authors and mailing list owners. Even other businesses that sell physical products rely on writing to communicate with their prospects, customers and to sell their products. Even video-based businesses rely on written scripts and content to keep things together.

For you, this realization means two things...

* If you love writing, you're already ahead of the curve. You've got a skill, if combined with other elements, that can propel you to online success.

* Businesses NEED content and that means even more opportunities for you as a freelancer or service provider.

In short, WORDS fuel the Internet and this is your opportunity to cash in on that.

That's why I'd like to invite you to check out Alice Seba and Ron Douglas' WriterHelpWanted at:

Alice is a veteran content marketing expert and Ron is a New York Times bestselling author, so you're in good hands here. Collectively, they have over 25 years experience of turning their writing into a full-time income. 

Here's a glimpse at what they've got going on inside:

* Training modules to help you secure writing jobs and even get out on your own to create passive streams of income from your writing.

* Case studies from successful writers in a variety of different ventures. The value of learning from the experiences of others can't be underestimated.

* If you want to freelance, you can find daily job listings and guidance for landing the best gigs for you. This is your business, you choose how you want to run it and what you want to do.

* Checklists and other handy tools to make getting things done easier. Many of these are from Alice and Ron's personal library of tools that they use to run and grow their businesses.

This is all meaty stuff right here, but just a small part of what's inside.

Get the full scoop at:

And hey, when you sign up, take advantage of the $1 Elite Writer's Lab upgrade. You get plenty more resources and personalized help and coaching. Make this choice to start earning a living from your writing. Just do it quickly, this offer won't last long.

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