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Can Someone Provide Camera Training Classes on Use of Nikon D800 Camera, I Will Pay For Your Time $$$$ ????


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Hello All,
Can someone provide some training classes on how to use this camera???

I was able to work out a great price for the camera package for my family PIC's, I can operate the basics but the package came with a lot more features and other equipment that with a little assistance I can get control of the entire package.

Please provide cost per class and your experience with this model camera and attachments / equipment.

Thank You, Ron


This is the package I purchased;

~ Nikon D800 ~

Nikon D800 DSLR and gear, including lenses, filters, shrouds, cases, manuals, guides, SD and Compact Flash cards, adapter rings, adapters, gadget bag, and much, much more.

All together there are NINE lenses in this bundle. Three are what NIKON now refers to as: Nikkor "F" Auto Series "Legacy" lenses. These are classic Nikkor Nikon lenses which can be used in the preferred manual mode for simply astounding results. Four other lenses have Nikon mounts made by other fine companies and of the two remaining lenses, one is a 52mm conversion wide angle screw mount to use in conjunction with any 52mm lens which accepts a 52mm filter (52mm is the typical NIKKOR filter size). The remaining lens is a 2 X tele-converter lens with a Nikon mount.​​​

(1) ​NIKKOR-S Auto 1:1.4 f = 50mm lens No.316708 Shows very minor use. This one comes with the original Nikon Inspection Card from the original purchase in Japan during the 60's. It also comes with the front and rear Nikon lens caps and a Nikon K1 adapter ring aa well as a NIKKOR "F" 50/1.4 metal lens shroud.
(2) Zoom-NIKKOR Auto 1: 3.5 f = 43mm ~ 86mm lens No. 459381, comes with front and rear Nikon lens caps and a Nikon HS-4 metal lens hood.
(3) Micro-NIKKOR-P Auto 1:3.5 f = 55mm lens No. 616125 This lens comes with a rear Nikon lens cap and a Vivitar 52mm rubber lens shade.
(4) Sigma 70-300mm D 1:4-5.6 Autofocus Telephoto Macro Zoom Lens No. 1134654 with front and rear lens caps, original lens hood and soft case.
(5) Promaster 28-200mm 1:3.8-5.6 Auto Focus Aspherical LD [IF] Telephoto Macro Zoom Lens No.601859 lens comes with front and rear lens caps and original lens hood. Hard case.
(6) Vivitar 500mm Telephoto f/8 Mirror Lens Multicoated 1:2.7 X Macro Focusing Lens No. 6172856 Mint condition with front and rear lens caps, original box and hard case.
(7) Tokina SD 70-210mm 1:4-5.6 Telephoto Macro lens No. 8699945. Shows minor use. Comes with front and rear lens caps and hard case.
(8) Tokina Video Wide Angle Conversion Lens 0.5X has 52mm screw mount for use with other lenses. (has very minor scratch on lens which does not effect the image.) Has front lens cap.
(9) Soligor 2X Tele Converter Lens. With front and rear lens caps.
(Additional "lenses") No. 1 and No. 2 Nikon "F" Close up Lenses with original Nikon leather hard cases.

​There are a variety of very lightly used 52mm filters (thirteen) including three Nikon filters with original cases and boxes and ten other filters, five with cases, and five in a leatherette case including Polarizing, ND, Skylight, B/W high contrast, etc. etc.
Two Cokin Series "A" filters with case (holds 10 filters) One Cokin Series "A" filter adapter with 52mm screw mount and one diffusion filter. (Holds both Series "A" and 52mm filters.)
One Nikkor F M2 Extension Tube Adapter with rear cap and front body cap.
One Adapter Ring for Pentax Screw Mount Lenses to Nikon Body (new in box).
Set of (5) Nikon F Extension Tube adapters K1 thru K5 with original Nikon black leather hard case and original Nikon Box with instructions.
Set of (5) Nikon F Extension Tube adapters K1 thru K5 with original Nikon brown leather hard case.
Nikon Extension Ring Adapter Model E2 with aperture plunger. Mint in the original box with instruction manual.
Mint in the Box Nikon Rear Lens Cap Model LF-1

David Busch's 658 page "BIBLE" for the Nikon D800 Digital Camera in good condition. IMHO a "MUST" for any D800 owner!
Ten original Nikon boxes for the camera, filters, flash unit, focusing screens, filters, etc.
All original D800 Manuals in English and Spanish, including Quick Guides. Like new or unopened.
Two Nikon Focusing screens in Nikon boxes (J & A models).
Vivitar Left-handed grip for sports, weddings or press work with tripod mount and flash mount (breaks down into two pieces) has tunnel in the grip for optional shutter release cable.
Nikon Multi-function Remote Shutter Release. Mint condition.
Targus TG42 TT Backpack tripod. Extends to 44" inches. (Has one fussy leg)
US Rocket Dust Blower mint condition.
Mint in the Box Nikon Flash unit SB-50 DX. (Batteries not included)
Three SD cards of various capacities. (Unless you shoot in the lower pixel ranges, you'll probably want to purchase some larger capacity ones than these...same with the compact flash cards.)
Six Compact Flash Cards of various capacities.
Three excellent EN-EL Lithium-Ion batteries.
Nikon Battery Charger Model MH-25 in like new condition.
Kastar Duel EN-EL Battery Charger with USB cord for charging two batteries at the same time.
One Low Pro Pro-35 Gadget Bag in excellent condition.
One Nikon D800 Camera Strap Unused, mint condition.
One lightweight camera strap. Mint condition.
Nikon ViewNX2 software CD. Never opened.
Nikon 3.5mm to RCA cable which came with the original package.
Clear plastic LCD cover.
Kodak lens cleaning solution and paper.

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