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Artist Duties and Responsibilities 

Artist duties and responsibilities are not as varied as some occupations, but they still must perform several tasks in order to deliver quality artistic projects. We have reviewed several job listings and found the following among the core Artist duties and responsibilities.

Develop Artistic Project Proposals

It is typically the Artist who creates or reviews project proposals to determine if specific project ideas can be produced. They will design an original concept or evaluate a concept submitted by a project manager, copywriter or other source. The Artist will make creative suggestions and offer solutions to any perceived issues with the proposal.

Manage Art Production

Whether it’s animation for a new video game or graphics for a company website, an Artist will usually manage the entire design and production of the images. This could involve designing the original concept, meeting with team members to finalize the concept and manage the quality of the art throughout the production process. It would also include maintaining a project schedule and evaluating progress at various stages of production.

Collaborate with Teams

In many cases, Artists must work closely with such professionals as art directors, copywriters, project managers and production managers to ensure that artwork for a given project is of high quality and delivered within a specified deadline. This aspect of the job would involve attending meetings to review possible revisions to the art and to discuss the progress of the project. In cases of fine Artists, who tend to work more independently, they would typically have to meet with gallery owners to arrange art exhibits.


Artist Skills

Besides strong creative skills, an Artist should be organized, detail-oriented and able to work under deadlines. While some Artists work alone, in most cases they should be team players that can manage and motivate others. Strong oral and written communication skills are essential. Besides these general skills, many employers might look for potential candidates for Artist positions to possess the following skills.

Core skills: Based on job listings we looked at, employers want Artists with these core skills. If you want to work as an Artist, focus on the following.

  • Creating original designs
  • Articulating design ideas to managers and other team members
  • Translating written directions into artwork
  • Generating rough concept sketches and illustrations
  • Modifying and revising art designs
  • Preparing final art proofs
  • Possessing proficiency in various design and digital illustration software

Advanced skills: While most employers did not require the following skills, multiple job listings included them as preferred. Add these to your Artist toolbox and broaden your career options.

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