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Great Dane puppies


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I have 11 Great Dane puppies (6 males and 5 females) that were born on June 26th. They are all black (like their dad) and have a white patch on their chest (like their mom). They will be ready for their forever homes between August 21st and September 18th (I will have to set up their 8 week appointment so it could be a little later than the 21st, that just depends on when they can get all 11 puppies in). They will be coming from a home with multiple kids (aged 7 to 1 month) and a cat so they will have some socializing skills lol. The rehoming fee is $650 with a minimum non refundable deposit of $150 (meaning if you want to put down more for the deposit in order to pay less at time of pickup that is fine) that is included in the total amount of the $650 (the deposit money will be going towards getting the puppies all of their 8 week vaccines and an initial check up. You will be responsible for getting your puppy its 12 week vaccines (please do this so the puppy stays healthy. Vaccines and annual checkups are important for their health. Especially with this breed. If you are interested in a puppy please please make sure to do your research on the breed. Great Danes are not cheap dogs. They eat a lot of food which adds up fast and they are known to have hip issues when they are older. These puppies will not be going to just anyone. If you decide you want one of these puppies please understand that you are taking it in as a family member, not a lawn ornament. I do not want them to go to someone who won’t treat them the way they deserve. If you choose to get one please do not turn around and try to rehome it. I hate seeing post about people getting a dog and then saying “oops it didn’t work out, looking for a new home”. Puppies are already a big responsibility but Great Dane puppies are a “bigger responsibility”. When you make a payment for the deposit please bring a collar for your puppy (since they all look alike that will be how to tell them apart). When the deposit is paid we will both sign a receipt that way we both know how much you paid and how much you will owe at time of pickup. If you’re interested in adorable puppy send me a text @(252)259-5218. 

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