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Pointeraner Puppies


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Ad number:#355065875
Contact:Marissa Kondelik
City:Martinsville, IN
Posted in: Bloomington Dogs


I have Pointeraner Puppies for sale. 4 Males and 4 females available, all liver colored. Some have a white chest patch, some do not. The mom, Charlotte, is an AKC registered, Weimaraner. The dad, Dakota, is an AKC registered German Shorthair Pointer. The puppies dewclaws have been removed, tails have been docked, and they'll all receive their first round of deworming/vaccinations at 6 weeks old. They will grow to be around 65lbs eac. They're likely to take after their mom in requiring much stimulation in the way of training and exposure to new sniffing grounds (Charlotte has mostly grown out of it, but if she gets restless then she can becomes a little rambuncious). With the wit and loyalty of a Weimaraner and the charm and good-nature of a German Shorthair, these Pointeraners will make great family pets and should get along well with other animals in the house. Both breeds are the pinnacle of the family of working dogs, providing a foundation for a superlative sport dogs in these Pointeraner puppies.

The website link will take you to a Facebook page for "Charlotte's Pointeraner Puppies" (or you can type that into the Facebook search bar to get to the same page). The page is provided first to introduce you to the puppies. It is secondly provided with the hope that you will share updates of your new Pointeraner puppy as he or she develops.

The puppies were born on June 1st and will be ready to be picked up Friday, July 27th. If you wish to reserve one please contact me via phone, email, or Facebook messenger..I'll work toward listing all of the 11 puppies with their own "profiles" on the Facebook page, or if you live in the vicinity, then you're welcome to come meet them prior to the 27th and pick a specific pup out for reservation. Otherwise, if you wish, you can simply reserve a nonspecific female or male. A minimum of a $100 deposit toward the $600 total is expected, cash or Paypal preferred. The remainder of payment is expected when you get your puppy. If you're unable to pick up the pup between July 27th and August 3rd, then a kennel fee of $10 will be charged every day following, unless arrangements are made in advance.

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