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Chocolate Labradoodles (AKC parents)


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Contact:Juanita Cox
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Our darling Sally gave birth to a litter of healthy beautiful little ones a couple of days ago. The little ones are doing great. They will be ready on May 5th just in time for Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day! 



-Pups will have first set of vaccines and up to date deworming. 


-Health guarantee. 


-If you are flying to pick up a puppy we can get our vet to provide flying certificates. 


-Both parents are AKC- we provide you with the copies of the documents. 


-Puppies will be well socialized at the time they are ready to go to their new homes- we like to socialize them daily with other animals such as cats and birds  we also let them play with toddlers and kids to make sure they will be great family dogs. 


-These pups are considered hypoallergenic. They don’t shed and you can choose to keep their coats long or short depending on your preference. 


-We automatically provide you with breeding rights  meaning we don’t do breeding/spay contracts. If you get a puppy from us  it is your puppy  your decision  the only thing we ask is that you make sure you are ready to breed and know the basics of breeding responsibly. 


A little about us:


We’ve been breeding for over 9 years with AKC  we make sure our dogs are up to date on vaccines and healthy to be bred. We only breed our females once a year to make sure they are healthy and won’t be at risk. We don’t do “kennel breeding” meaning our dogs are not in a kennel all the time and bring them out just to breed. We have a large yard where they get to play everyday- and chase our cat….this is our full time job- dealing with the craziness! 


You are welcome to come see the puppies and meet the parents. We are available Monday - Friday anytime (just check with me about what time works best)   or weekends with appointment only! 


If you are far or out of the state  we offer FaceTime or xoom appointments to meet them! I can schedule those anytime. 


If you have any questions feel free to contact me 478-951-2708.


**note the pictures on this ad are from previous litters over the past 4 years. The current litter is very very young. Hopefully they’ll be opening their eyes soon! 

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