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Contact:Management Business Solutions
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City:Grand Rapids


Thinking Habitats has retained Management Business Solutions to be a value-add partner in their recruitment for the Lead Curriculum Coach position. As a solution-based staffing organization, we have aligned our processes to mirror Thinking Habitats talent strategies to identify, screen, and recruit qualified candidates.



Founded in 2015, Thinking Habitats is a dynamic educational organization that empowers students and educators with innovative thinking tools. Our mission is to cultivate a culture of creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to prepare students for success in the modern world. THINKING PRO | Curriculum Unit is a proven-effective learning program for middle- and high-school students that connects critical thinking and reading skills with the writing process using local news as the main reading and learning materials. It is a student-centric, project-based literacy program that is housed in an online learning platform and can be implemented virtually or in a classroom setting. The curriculum is running in 7 states with several school districts with expansion goals in the next four years.


SUMMARY: We seek a passionate and experienced Lead Curriculum Coach to join the Thinking Habitats remote team. As a leader in the organization, you will work directly with executive leadership and oversee the curriculum coaches and educators to help integrate the innovative thinking tools with THINKING PRO and provide ongoing support and training. This individual will guide several coaches and educators during the 8-10 week THINKING PRO program with the development, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum and instructional practices. This position is fully remote and requires at-home setup and equipment included upon hire.



·       Work with curriculum coaches and provide training and support to them before, during, and after classroom implementation of THINKING PRO and its Professional Development with teachers.

·       Lead the design, review, and refinement of curriculum materials, training materials, and coaching materials.  

·       Ensure curriculum content, training materials, and coaching materials are coherent, engaging, and aligned with educational standards and objectives and instruction best practices.

·       Provide ongoing training, coaching and support to educators on curriculum implementation, instructional strategies, and assessment techniques.

·       Review and interpret student achievement data, curriculum effectiveness metrics, and other relevant information to identify areas for improvement and inform instructional decision-making.

·       Collaborate with stakeholders to develop data-driven strategies for enhancing curriculum quality and student success.

·       Foster a collaborative culture among teachers, administrators, and curriculum developers by facilitating regular meetings.

·       Identify and recommend instructional materials, technology tools, and educational resources that support curriculum objectives and enhance teaching and learning experiences.

·       Stay abreast of current trends, research findings, and innovations in curriculum design, educational technology, and instructional pedagogy.

·       Explore emerging practices and technologies to enhance curriculum relevance, engagement, and effectiveness.

·       Attend teacher conferences to assist in promoting THINKING PRO through presentations and workshops.    


  • A bachelor’s degree in education, curriculum and instruction, or a related field is required. Master’s degree is highly preferred.
  • 5+ years of experience teaching in an 8 -12 classroom setting with an emphasis in Social Studies or English Language Arts (ELA) is required. Experience teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) is also a plus.
  • Must hold a valid Teacher’s license. A plus from the following states: MI, OH, KY, IN, IL, or PA.
  • 3+ years of prior coaching experience required.
  • Prior supervisory experience is preferred.  
  • Strong understanding of curriculum development principles, educational standards, and assessment practices.
  • Experience with Moodle or other Learning Management Software commonly used in K-12 settings is preferred.     
  • Excellent communication, collaboration, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team in a dynamic educational environment.
  • Experience with Moodle or other Learning Management Software’s commonly used in K-12 settings is preferred.



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