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Ad number:#518756041
Contact:Anekka Bajrami
Compensation:$1500 mo. stipend


We are searching for only the best of host families (HF) for a student that has found himself in an impossible situation. Although HF's come in all shapes and sizes but always sharing these characteristics: open homes, open hearts, willingness to share of themselves to help others, and seek to make the world a better more united place. We have been entrusted by parents all over the world to find HF's to "geo-parent" their child who has been accepted to study abroad but found themselves displaced because of a host’s work promotion.

Imagine having to send your child away; 7,000 miles from home just to give them a chance---and peace of mind. Think of the worry, the sleepless nights, the enormous sacrifice these parents made because they wanted better opportunities for their child. Terrifying, I am sure.  One of natural families said it this way: "We are blessed that our child will able to not only study and grow, but also become a wonderful part of an American-style family. We all have grown together and look forward to them visiting us this summer. We are so thankful good people still exist in the world and good families to make the world better and stronger. My wife and I will forever be grateful for the love, patience, and encouragement given by our host family."

How can you help? Please, contact me :) .

Does it pay anything? YES---HF's are offered a stipend to offset costs like food, laundry soap, gas. Please keep in mind, student's natural parents are sacrificing a great deal for the dreams of their child and have pre-arranged a fair stipend amount with the high school the student attends (and us) as their (DOHS and CSIET representatives). Although, adequate, it’s not highly profitable.

What are the absolutes? HFs must provide a private furnished bedroom, meals, and transportation. **Same you would want for your child, if you needed to send them abroad for the school year.** As a HF myself, I am happy to share some insights when we speak that can be lifesavers.

All HF's have questions and I am here to answer them--contact me so we can set up a call and I can tell you more!

If I have already helped you, please consider referring a family to me. In a day in age where protecting children and providing the best environment possible is paramount, referrals help to insure the integrity of our mission to help students. If your referral family gets matched with a student, I will make sure to get you a Thank you of $500.

With deep appreciation,


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