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MSSD - Teacher - Greene Valley School (2 Positions)


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This position involves developing and directing the special education program of pupils as assigned to a classroom. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The incumbent must have the ability to perform the essential functions below either with or without reasonable accomodations. Design and implement appropriate individualized education program for students with disabilities considering school, community and home learning environments. Analyze student's learning style based upon charted progress and adapt teaching strategies and ctivities to meet the student's specific educational needs. Choose age appropriate, functional and safe activities, materials, equipment and sites for teaching. Integrate appropriate related services into student's day-to-day instructional program. Conduct IEP team meetings and staffings. Coordinate the design and implementation of behavioral support plans for students with hallenging behaviors. Develop and follow an instructionally time efficient daily schedule for implementation of students' IEPs. Direct daily activities of teacher aide and classroom volunteers. Follow student specific special health care procedures as trained by the school nurse. Maintain safe environment for students. Accept supervision, cooperate with change and be flexible. Treat all persons with respect and maintain positive interpersonal relationships. Communicate effectively in both written and oral forms, using correct grammar, punctuation, clarity, and consistency of thought. Maintain confidentiality of parent, student, and staff personal identifiable information. Follow policies and guidelines of the MSSD program. Accurately complete required reports on or before established deadlines. Complete a professional development plan as required by certification or new employee status. Collect academic assessment data to improve student learning. Ability to use Microsoft Word, Outlook, access inrmation via the internet, and possess knowledge of assistive technology devices. ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Carry out daily self-care needs of students as needed. (i.e., diapering, feeding, hand washing, tooth brushing, etc.) Lift and move 50 pounds to include assisting in changing positions of students. Maintain CPR certification at the level determined by the American Heart Association or Red Cross as Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers. Participate in a minimum of one staff development activity per year to keep teaching skills updated and current. Perform other duties as assigned. Infrequent travel for training and staff meetings. Reasonable and necessary travel expenses will be eimbursed at approved rates. EDUCATION REQUIRED/PREFERRED: Bachelor's Degree Missouri Teaching Certificate in an area of special education. Experience with individuals with disabilities is preferred.

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