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LG LAP340 4.1 channel home theater system ( soundbar and subwoofer )


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Ad number:#575506610
Contact:Russell Golubiewski
City:Palos Heights


The LG LAP340 4.1 channel home theater system helps you create your dream high-quality home theater experience for you and your family. LG’s onboard 3D surround sound processor evenly projects the sound all throughout the room so that you do not miss any of the action or sound effects from your favorite movies, shows, and videos. Go from relaxing on the family sofa to being right in the center of all the action with this LG LAP340 4.1 channel home theater system. You can connect the LG SoundPlate to TVs of nearly any size, providing 4.1 channel surround sound, giving you the ultimate high-quality home movie theater experience. Whether you have a 32-inch television or a 55-inch television, this LG SoundPlate works perfectly in bringing you high-quality sound. Sound is just as essential as display, which is why the LG LAP340 4.1 channel sound bar is equipped with built-in dual subwoofers. The slim, sleek design of the LG SoundPlate effortlessly fits into your home entertainment system without taking up much space or getting in the way of other home theater equipment. Although the LG SoundPlate has a slim design, that does not take away from its powerful sound, thanks to the built-in dual subwoofers. LG’s 4.1 multi-channel sound system is a whole new way to enjoy your favorite movies, games, and TV shows with your family. The 4.1 multi-channel sound system produces a meticulous listening experience by utilizing high-end neodymium magnets. The built-in dual subwoofer produces the powerful bass that gives you the extreme movie theater effect. This feature also assists in providing you with live-like music so you can enjoy your favorite songs with your family. With this LG SoundPlate, you can wirelessly stream music directly from your smartphone, tablet, or any other compatible device to the LG SoundPlate through Bluetooth technology. You can share your playlists and favorite songs with your family in your home theater. Thanks to this Bluetooth technology, you can enjoy your favorite music through the speakers of your home entertainment system. You and your family can utilize your phones to listen to your music through the speakers of this system and always receive high-quality sound. The LG SoundPlate will be a big hit at your parties and other home entertaining events. With a compatible LG HDTV, there is no need for a wired connection. You can easily connect your LG SoundPlate to your compatible LG HDTV wirelessly using the built-in Bluetooth technology. This can help keep your home entertainment area neat and tidy. Use the remote control for ease and convenience. Remote and cord included.

Speaker with subwoofer for under the TV.

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