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A go fund me for my operation what are you willing to pay for all this


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Just in time for the Christmas holidays. Just email me and tell what you"re highest offer is. You are getting everything for one low price, the value of all this is over 6000.00, now I am asking for your highest bid you are getting a slot machine, tape deck, VCR, 2 large entertainment centers, to put all your cable boxes, Roku streaming players, 4K blu-ray players, all your game consoles, put your TV on top, you are all set, also you can use them to display trophies, pictures, antiques, tons of uses for these large entertainment center. You are also getting computer DJ controllers, Dual CD dj machines with controllers, a chest of drawers to put your clothes in, plus a new one in a box, a disc CD changer and a Polk sound bar with sub woofer for your TV to bring movies to life with a great sound, You are also getting the 3D heaven package which consists of a 55inch Panasonic 3D TV, the TV has brand new components installed and will lasts you another 30-40 years, you are also getting a 1080 Roku streaming player with all your favorite apps, such as HBO MAX, SHO, STARZ, EPIX, NETFLIX, AMAZON PRIME and free movie apps such as ROKU, PLEX, Etc, you would have to pay for those premium channels, but at least you have the apps, that compliments the TV, which is fantastic 1080 Plasma TV, does come with 2D to 3D converter, a 3D blu-ray player and 1 pair of adult active shutter glasses, can get more from ebay You are also getting tons of vinyl records, Albums as well as 45"s, 7 Promo 45"s as well. You are getting a beautiful Panasonic huge 55 inch 3D TV with 2D to3D conversion with sound bar and subwoofer to bring your movies to life with powerful sound. You are getting 5 DJ controllers, 3 computer and 2 CD, so if you are a DJ, this package is for you, also if you are a movie producer, the VCR and Tape Deck, could be your props, so you may also be very interested in this package as well.Also reasonable offers will be considered, this is pickup and cash transaction only you will be helping me to get my operation, this equipment was hardly used and is in great shape and everything works 100%.  call and leave message Rob

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