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Are you in need of some rim repair and don't want to overextend your budget?
Look no further because, Houston Wheel Repair has a proven track record with being the number one rim and wheel authorities. Whether it is straightening, welding, refinishing, or corrosion removal, Houston Welding can get the job done, and done right! 
Not to mention, we offer very affordable and competitive rates! 
Rims and tires are integral parts of your car, and we do not take that fact lightly! Safety is our number one priority and we make sure that all rims conform to regulation standards. We would never put rims on your car if we wouldn't be willing to get in the car with you! 
That's the My Wheel Doctor guarantee. 
Here at My Wheel Doctor, we also know that you are not just looking for a quick fix or something that will work for 'right now' instead of long time. We know that you would rather have something that looks good, and works well in the future! 
That is why our staff is expertly trained on ensuring that your rims look like new again, as well as making sure the job is long lasting! 
No matter how beat up, curb scraped, or beyond repair your rims looks, At My Wheel Doctor has the knowledge and know how to get you right on track.

My Wheel Doctor rim repair services include:
Wheel straightening after your wheels have been bent because of potholes and other impacts. Bent wheels can cause a number of problems including air leakage, car vibrations, and other serious matters which can cause very serious damage to your car! 
We can straighten aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and steel wheels! At My Wheel Doctor we can get your wheels like new in no time! 

Is your wheel cracked?
At My My Wheel we can fix that too! We specialize in fixing many different types of cracks by welding and we will ensure that your wheel is both safe to drive on, as well as lowering the likelihood of your rim becoming cracked again.
Some of our competitors have inexperienced staff that do not have the knowledge that we do. That is why you may find your crack has worsened after it has been 'fixed'. This can become frustrating and costly. 
At My Wheel Doctor you will not run into that problem as we have a wide range of welding experts that have the right amount of know-how and expertise to get the job done. 
We also offer corrosion removal, which can be caused by the weather conditions of the road. Grit, grime and salt crystals can form, and these can eat away at the surface causing leakage and other damage. 
We work hard to make sure we remove these elements and get your rims back to working order, as well as having them look as good as new! 
No matter what rim repair job you need done, My Wheel Doctor can make it happen! 
Have a question? No problem! We have a customer service staff that will treat you like a king and answer any question you may have. 
No matter how big or small!

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