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New Demco 9511010 Commander Tow Bar


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 New  Demco  9511010 Commander  Tow Bar
Universal Commander Tow Bar by Demco. 6000 lbs of Towing Capacity. The Commander incorporates steel components into its modular design by utilizing some of the same design features as the Dominator tow bar. Strength and durability stand out. The RV mounted Demco Commander. By incorporating most of the same design features throughout the Victory Series tow bar line, the Commander also permits stowing in multiple positions. This superior product is perfect to make your trailer towing experience safe and convenient. Designed to meet the highest quality standards, it is second to none in durability and performance. Made using the finest materials, it is sure to serve you reliably for a long time.
Independent Arms for Easy Hook-Up
Exclusive design allows for true independent arm movement
Vertical bolt design lets you maneuver the tow bar one leg at a time & eliminates having to step over the towing system when hooking and unhooking
Safety Cable Mounting Clips
Vinyl covered safety cables are attached securely out of the way with safety cable mounting clips
Eliminates the worry of cables dragging or the problem of what to do with them at your destination
Easy Trigger Release
Truly non-binding design makes it easy to hook and unhook
Angled design of the internal latch block allows the trigger release to activate under pressure
No extra tools required to hook up or release
Rise or Drop Male Receiver
Standard 1½ inch rise/drop receiver tube: No other tow bar manufacturer can stake this claim
Eliminates the need to purchase additional drop or rise equipment: The most versatile tow bars in the industry
Adjustable Towing Angle
Attached head joint is adjustable
Adjusts so that your tow bar is level or parallel with the road while towing
Adjustable head pivots up or down allowing 3 inches of displacement in addition to the 1½ inches of the offset receiver for maximum versatility: unmatched in the industry
No Ball & Coupler
Victory Series Tow Bars are RV mounted in the receiver hitch of the RV
Self-aligning and adjustable from the hitch
Eliminates the need to line up a coupler to a ball and receiver
Self-Aligning... It's This Easy
Simply align the vehicle being towed as close as you can behind the motorhome
Hookup the connecting legs, safety cables, appropriate wiring, and any accessories
Slowly back-up the towed vehicle and the Victory Series Tow Bar legs will lock into the towing transport position- saving you valuable time & frustrations
Self-Supporting Arms
All Demco Victory Series Tow Bars are self-supporting
Resistance is built into the tow bar connecting legs to create the self-support
When unfolded, the Tow Bars will not fall to the ground making hooking up faster & easier
Stores in Multiple Positions
Versatile design permits multiple storage positions n Independent arm movement enables user to store it to the right, left, or one leg each way
Able to be stored on the motor-home
Designed to safely and efficiently haul your loads
Made from the highest quality materials
Provides hassle-free performance for years ahead
Delivers exceptional durability and wear resistance
Meets the highest quality standards
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41 lbs
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