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 What is a pavement coring machine


A pavement coring machine is often needed equipment in pavement engineering, usually used for cement pavement and asphalt pavement coring work. It is also mostly used for the complete acceptance of highway projects and scientific research work that requires coring. The asphalt coring machine is mainly used for compressive and flexural tests of cement concrete, asphalt concrete, and limestone foundations such as roads, airports, ports, docks, and dams. The core sample can reach 700mm.





Why Use a Pavement Coring Machine?


The common pavement form is semi-rigid base asphalt pavement, and the bond between the asphalt layer and the semi-rigid base is weak. Because the bonding between the asphalt layer and the semi-rigid base layer is weak, this method can easily cause the core sample to break at the weak point where the asphalt layer and the semi-rigid base layer are connected, resulting in damage to the core sample, increasing the difficulty and strength of the work, and bringing great impact to the follow-up work. trouble. Therefore, we propose a new road pavement coring machine.


What are the uses of the road coring machine?


A pavement coring machine is also called concrete drilling and coring machine. It is a kind of equipment widely used in the construction industry. Flexural test. The instrument adopts high-speed cutting technology and is matched with thin-walled diamond drill bits. It is widely used in drilling and coring in the fields of engineering construction, municipal engineering, equipment installation engineering, and construction quality inspection engineering. It also can equip with an asphalt crack sealing machineroad line marking machineShot Blasting Machine, and other equipment.





Basic knowledge of drilling and coring on asphalt pavement


1. Rack: The rack is installed on the column, and four adjusting screws are installed on the base.

2. Sliding seat: set on the column, the internal gear and the rack on the column form a gear pair, and turn the feed handle to make the sliding seat move up and down along the column.

3. Gearbox: it is fixed on the sliding seat, and the drill bit is installed on the main shaft, which moves along with the sliding seat to achieve the purpose of drilling.

Precautions for road gasoline drilling and coring machine

1. When drilling, the feeding speed should be uniform, about 3 to 5 cm/min. If the drill bit is found to be stuck, the feeding speed can be appropriately reduced. If necessary, the drill bit can be raised for a section and then drilled slowly. Avoid hard drilling, so as not to damage the drill bit and the machine.

2. It needs to maintain sufficient water cooling throughout the drilling process.

3. At the end of drilling, the machine can only be stopped when the drill bit is separated from the workpiece.

4. During the drilling process, do not overload. When the temperature of the motor exceeds 70°C (it feels hot to the touch), the loading force should be reduced and a new drill bit should be replaced.






Maintenance and Inspection of Pavement Gasoline Drilling and Coring Machine

1. Regularly check the connection of each component, and adjust it in time if there is any looseness.

2. When the drill bit is installed, calcium-based grease should be added to the two threads.

3. After the drilling is completed, clean all parts of the drilling rig, and add lubricating oil to the column and rack.

4. Change the grease in the gearbox every six months.

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