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Buy Storage Containers / Shipping Containers / Cargo Containers (Container (Phoenix)


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Ad number:#1019207646
Contact:chubaca chubaca
City:1163 E. Perry St Indianapolis, In 46227



Buy Storage Containers / Shipping Containers / Cargo Containers (Container (Phoenix)


We specialize in renting and selling an array of storage containers. We have our Premium and Economy line for rent. Our boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Anywhere from 10 feet to 40 feet. Doors on one or both ends. High cube or standard.


The Premium ProBox Container are brand-new "One Trippers" that are equipped with our proprietary Vault Locking System. They are the best looking, most secure units in the industry. We would recommend these if appearance is a high priority.


The Economy ProBox Container are gently used ISO containers that includes a lock box locking system. These may have a few dents but are well maintained and freshly painted for use!


As far as buying a storage container- we can help you! We have a great inventory of "One-Trippers" and "As Is" containers all ranging in size, shapes, appearance and budget.


We pride ourselves in taking care of our customers first. If we do not have exactly what you are looking for, we will still send you in the right direction. We are locally owned and operating. This is important because all of our pricing is transparent and includes the shipping of the container.


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