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Multi use stove/grill/oven/grill and smoker.


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Ad number:#459625710
Contact:Ryan P Iverson


One time offer. Free shipping to Bozemand MT. We'd like to see these in the high rockies. Give it a go.

For more details, call, text, or email me at murkworksllc at yahoo com 


Beetle Version. (жук)This stove has winglets to aid in pre-heating intake air, blocking strong air flow, and even directing radiant heat too the front.  Removable by lifting. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS Parcel Select Ground.  This is a one of a kind stove based on similar working units with additional wings. 


Comes with two grilling grates and One multi-use hot plate. Laser cut. CRS coated with vegetable oil. Ready for seasoning.  Inside peg let you set up grates at different levels. Hot plate can be used on pegs, or flipped and used as charcoal tray inside the stove.  You can grill, wok cook, smoke, and even bake bread on this stove. 


Comes with clean out shovel and two T-handles.

Note. Pictures of operating stoves are from similar models. 

Wok provided is heavy duty 13GA CRS. The handle is long but still might require oven mit. High heat and short fast wok cooking is possible with this. Large qty and be done. 


All steel, all welded, easy to use out door wood stove. Use handles to pick up as shown in picture. Use t-handles supplied to manipulate while operating hot. 

Treat seasonally with wood stove paint, or opt for linseed oil protection to keep it rust free.  Our high temp paint must be seasoned during the first heat.  These stoves are very efficient with fuel usage, and can be used in area's where open fires often cannot.   Robust yet portable. These have secretly been popular among home owners and outdoors man alike in Oregon for 10 years.


Hand made in springfield OR. 


Un-damage, un-used returns accepted. Shipping insurance req on return. Buyer pays shipping costs.  Ask for more details about the product and if you still aren't sure, let someone else buy it. This item is not recommended for use or static storage around children.  Keep hands clear of lid closing action and use t-handles for opening and closing doors and lids.  Do no use with-in 10' of combustible's. If you have never lit a fire before, or think it might be scary or problematic, we recommend you skip this purchase.  

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