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Solar Panel Mounting System: You Don't Need A Roof To Install Solar


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Solar Panel Ground Mounting System:  This is a universal type of mounting frame that is adjustable to hold ten large solar panels, (up to 6,000 watts).  For some homes roof mounting is not possible because the sun's rays are obstructed by trees, structures or it's just cost prohibitive because of expensive roof or structural repairs.  It's an excellent solution for mounting solar panels on hillsides and mountain slopes.  This mounting system makes it easy to aim the solar panels to the south so they can be the most productive.  With this mounting system many homeowners can do about 90% of the installation, saving thousands of dollars.  A licensed electrician can make the final connections.  It's an attractive, alternative way to install solar on your property that can reduce or eliminate expensive monthly electric bills.  It can also be installed as an off-grid electric generator.  It is not a solar tracker but it has a manual tilt adjustment that allows the homeowner to seasonally adjust the tilt angle to increase the solar panels direct exposure to the concentrated direct sun rays which is beneficial as the sun's position in the sky changes over the seasons of the year.  The mounting pole is 15 feet long.  The homeowner will need to dig a hole five feet deep by three feet in diameter.  Then place the pole in the hole, install the pre-cut rebar that is included with the mounting system.  Then fill the hole with concrete.  An alternative way to install the mounting system is to use decorative concrete blocks placed in a five course circle (a total of 50 blocks) then place a 10 foot long pole in the center and pour the concrete.  This type of installation can be used as an off-grid solar powered electric generator.  In some areas a permit is not required if it is used as an off-grid generator.   The mounting system has panel mounting rails that will allow all commercially available solar panels to be mounted on them, (up to 4,000 watts).  A set of universal solar panel mounting clamps is included, eight end-clamps and sixteen mid-clamps.  This is a cost effective mounting system that is designed and engineered to simplify the installation of the project which equals lower installation costs while investing toward energy freedom.  The decorative landscape blocks and concrete are not included with the mounting system, they can be purchased locally at home improvement stores.  The mounting system is the only solar item that I am selling.    Solar panels and inverters are available from many suppliers.  The cost of the mounting system is $2,600.  In Escondido, call (760)746-7209

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