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Amazon Customer Care Manager


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Amazon Customer Care Manager

Become an Amazon Customer Care Manager! Get your job!

If you are passionate about driving process improvement and motivating and leading a team of driven, customer-obsessed associates and team leads, all while analyzing systemic issues and implementing solutions to challenging problems, we have the career you’re looking for!

The Team Manager sets the vision and culture of their teams by handling individual and team performance expectations and goals, maintaining singular focus on ensuring and improving customer satisfaction and customer experience, by identifying broader customer impacting issues and implementing solutions to drive quality and productivity, while achieving real time desired service levels.

Key job responsibilities
People Management:

Leading and developing a team of 20-30 associates; responsible for the overall performance management, coordination and evaluation of the team.
Actively participate in and drive the continuous improvement culture through ‘kaizen’ and lean projects. Identifying and eliminating barriers to accuracy, productivity, and quality.
Carrying out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with Amazon’s policies and procedures; additional responsibilities include interviewing, training and motivating employees; planning and assigning work; rewarding and reviewing employee performance; and effective conflict resolution.
Mentoring and act as a resource to new managers and expedite their learning curve also devise action plan to develop and groom associates into future CS Team Managers
Leading Site Level initiatives, primary owner of functional responsibilities that impact overall site and may require interface with other sites in the network
Communicating policies to associates and becoming the primary information source for staff; following up to ensure compliance and consistency; taking corrective action as necessary and documenting the issue and actions taken.
Expected to be 2nd in line to the Group managers and at times might be required to perform delegated duties of group managers
Develop and Achieve performance goals and objectives in line with the network-wide vision and goals


5-7 years of overall experience and 3-4 years of supervisory exposure in managing a team size of 25-30 associates.
Demonstrated ability to build, develop and handle a group of people
Ability to support Businesses and provide solutions to customer pain points
Ability to handle complex and ambiguous scenarios
Ability to organize, prioritize and schedule work assignments
Ability to make administrative and procedural decisions
Demonstrated ability to handle reporting and analysis
Demonstrated passion for delivering a positive customer experience, and maintaining composure in difficult situations
Ability to effectively and efficiently complete difficult goals or assignments
Can adapt well to changing circumstances and strategy
Strong interpersonal and communication skills
Confident in using Microsoft Package (especially Excel)
Fluent English skills are required for this role
Experience in Contact Center Operations (Customer Service, Sales, or Collections)
Strong in data interpretation and analysis
Applicant needs to be in a People Management role

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