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We are a group of highly motivated individuals who have found sucess through investments. Through our partnership with an educational platform, all members have the opportunity to become profitable investors and build his/her own empire. We are currently searching for entrepreneurially minded, profit-driven people to be trained in the art and science investing. 

About Us

The foriegn exchange market is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This time horizon allows the organization to offer its traders flexible hours and the ability to start part-time and transition into full-time trading. Forigen exchange trading is a mentally engaging, challenging profession where diligence and consistency translate directly into financial reward. In other words, this is a rare opportunity where your work equals your income. Particpants have the opportunity to practice their craft from anywhere in the world via high-speed internet. We have dedicated ourselves to teaching others to create an income from any device (laptop, coputer, smartphone, tablet, etc) and teaching intrested members to create their own multi-level marketing business doing the same. All members have complete access to two streams of income and a life-long income earning skills. PipHive Investments is part of a larger organization and partnered with a top rated educational platform. Members within the organization have found complete finacial freedom and continue to share sucess every day. We have exclusive access to 6-7 earners at all times. 


Ideal applicants should have basic math/finance/business skills. Trading or investing experience is a plus, however diligence and a commitment to master the firms trading methodology and risk management guidelines outweigh background and experience. All-in-all the most important reuirement is a great attitude and a willingness to learn. 

How to Apply

Our application process is multi-step and designed to educate you on prop trading, how we train, support and fund our traders, and how we pay out profits to you, as well as focus you for your interview where you can have any remaining questions answered and discuss with your recruiter why PipHive Investments is a good fit for you. To get started, please email the recruiter with an inquiry. Someone will be with you in 24-48 hours to schedule a meeting.

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