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Ad number:#740433531
Contact:John Volturo
Price:25.00 Hourly


I want to offer accounting and bookkeeping services in the event that you have been dissatisfied with your current bookkeeper or have not had time to clean up or organize your books.


I decided to start my own bookkeeping business to help businesses that really want someone to assist them in achieving their goals as a business, not just clean up the books only to have them get messed up again. Nothing is more rewarding than to see hard work pay off in the form of a successful business venture taking off and expanding beyond what was imagined, all due to the financial records providing a positive forecast.


My specialty is reorganizing and updating financial records as well as providing one-on-one personal instructional tutoring in QuickBooks Online. As an Accountant and Instructor, I am able to utilize my education, experience, knowledge, and skills by incorporating them into tutorial sessions for clients. I also provide accounting and bookkeeping services.


While other people were sitting at home, hiding from Covid19, enjoying that $600 bonus to their unemployment checks every week along with the economic stimulus check, I was busy studying online to continue my education in an effort to be more valuable to clients.


I completed the QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor Training Program, including learning the ins and outs of QuickBooks Online, T-Sheets (Timesheets), and Payroll. My reasoning is that these areas were my weakest areas in terms of how confident I was in my abilities to do my job effectively.


I have over 22 years’ experience as an Accountant with experience in construction, finance, manufacturing, and retail sectors. Even while I write to you, I continue upgrading my education and work skills to the point that I have earned over 40 CPE credits in the past four months.


I have completed my online education, with the exception of wanting to obtain QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification, which I intend to complete this fall in my spare time. I am open to talk with you about your accounting and bookkeeping needs and what services that I can offer you.


Due to the Covid19 Pandemic, I am able to offer my accounting and bookkeeping services to clients as a “Contract Employee” and will cut my rate in half for the remainder of 2020. I don’t need to travel to clients, and I don’t have to spend money on overhead such as building lease, utilities, equipment, and transportation. This helps me to reduce cost and what I charge clients.


If you are still seeking a suitable solution for your accounting and bookkeeping needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to me and we can arrange a teleconference to discuss your needs.




John Volturo

Quick Books Pro Advisor/Certified Bookkeeper

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