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In need of a private personal loan *please read entire post*


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Recently divorced 40 something female looking for someone to take a risk & lend me $6000. I am educated , hard working , attractive ( if that matters) and until 3 years ago had a credit score of 700+ 
But due to my sister getting ill , my ex husband running our business into the ground , running off with a friend of his oldest daughter & leaving me to clean up the mess. It all taken it’s toll on me financially. The last 3 years have been pure hell but my faith is strong & I just keep trying to pull myself out of the debt. I have a great job been working there for 9 years and make enough money to repay the loan monthly. I am in desperate need of a reliable car that won’t break the bank. My car Toyota Camry 300,000 miles finally shot craps so I’ve been Taking Uber for past month and it’s quite costly. I do not qualify for a traditional car loan and the buy here pay here want at least $1000 down then a $400+ car payment. I don’t have the $1000 to put down at the moment & it will take me a while to come up with it because it seems like something always comes up every time I start to save a little. I am in no way looking for charity or wanting any kind of physical relationship exchange. I’m looking for someone to just give me a leg up & help me get back on my feet. We would have papers drawn up like a traditional loan I was hoping to repay it over 2 years but we can work out those details. I expect to pay interest and can provide you with job verification , a letter from my employer, letter from my pastor, as many personal references as you would need. I’m a really good human being I just made a few bad choices that landed me in financial ruins. I’m planning on eventually hiring a credit repair service to help clean up the mess. But my focus at the moment is trying to get reliable transportation. I don’t have any family to ask for help. I never dreamed I would be in this position at this stage of my life. I’m truly on my own for the first time since I was 16 and it is scary at times and expensive living alone. Anyway I’m sure most of you quit reading a while back but if anyone was kind enough to read this lengthy post.... thank you. I have a friend willing to sell me her car it’s a one owner low miles well taken care of etc. the blue book is $8000 but she will take $6000. The car will last several years it doesn’t even have 100,000 miles and it’s a Toyota. So I won’t have to worry about getting ripped off or worry about it being a lemon. PLEASE LORD LET SOMEONE READ THIS AND HAVE THE COMPASSION TO AT LEAST MEET WITH ME OR TALK WITH ME OVER PHONE. I am not a free loader I assure you I’m a hardworking , Christian, who does as much for the community as possible I’m just down on my luck and need someone to take a chance. I would be willing to give you the title to keep until it’s paid off if that’s any reassurance. I could possibly try to come up with some collateral if that would get the deal done. Please someone help me & I promise I will pay it forward 10xs over. Thank you for reading. My cell # 913-717-0004 Dina

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