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Contact:Anthony Halebach



First off, I need you to know that I HATE having to write this. I’d like to stay private and be self sufficient, but I need help, so here I go. I win a minimum of 65% of units wagerd, in 9 pro and college sports, 365 days a year, and you will never lay more than -130. For every 20 units wagered, you’ll win a minimum of 13(+6). I’ve been obsessing about sports betting all day every day for 30 years! I lost for the first 25. Since then, I’ve been consistently at 65%. Let me prove it. I’m not some monkey who throws darts. In fact, athletes call me to find out if they’re gonna play well or not!! 😆 jk 😆 On a serious note however, I do know how things will go, and there’s nothing they can do about it. I will never advise you to take duke at -800000 over ball st, I don’t pick a ton of games, and if I ever say something stupid like “absolute lock of the year”, you have my permission to shoot me in the face! Now, If you want action on every game, there are plenty of cappers who can do that for you, but those people, especially the ones on tv, are capping every game because they can’t make a living betting, and they’re narcissistic. I’m sure they make pretty good money, and deservingly so I suppose, but why would anyone want a job if they don’t need one? Narcissism! Not to mention, they advise a ton of prop bets; prop bets are for 🐈‍⬛🐈🐈‍⬛. You will NEVER be allowed to risk any significant money on props. I may or may not be the best, but I’m definitely better than them. All that said, if you like and trust them, good luck, kick ass, and peace out. Anyway, I’m looking for a wealthy partner who cares more about making money than having action. In fact, the less you THINK you know, the better. I provide the picks, you provide the bankroll. My goal is to make you 150k, and in return, I earn 50k. When my cuts total 50k, we part ways. I obviously don’t have money (betting/gambling is not the reason). I’m trying to win long shot poker tournaments, but it’s really hard. I make enough to help pay some bills and to pay for advertising, but 200 bucks as a bankroll only goes so far. To be honest, I care more about having freedom than having money, but you need money to have freedom.....right? 🤔😁👊🏻 I definitely don’t want to be famous or on tv, I just want to travel, help people, and enjoy life. Hell, I don’t want anyone to know anything about me, but I have no outs! Anyway, I digress. Your bankroll needs to be 500k or more. All do respect, please don’t waste my time if this is too much. This is my life’s work and I don’t want to make a grand a week for a year. I want this to be quick so I can take my 50g’s and not have to tell anyone my picks (besides the person taking my bet(s). All I’m asking for right now is a chance to prove myself. All I need is your email address and you don’t even have to introduce yourself. I suggest you get in while the gettins’ good, because there are millions of rich people but only one of me. Now, if you have to ask “if you’re so good, why aren’t you rich?” Then I don’t want to partner with you. Go back to skewel😆. 65% isn’t 100%, and I have to start somewhere. Most rich people started with nothing; I’m no different. And for those of you who want to have some sorta pissing contest, it’s not me vs you, it’s us vs vegas.


After proving and before meeting 

  1. I don’t give analysis of my picks. If you want analysis, watch the genius’s on those daily wager shows.
  2. I don’t argue my picks. If you want to argue, join a debate club.
  3. You must take the picks I give you. If you don’t, that means we don’t have trust.
  4. This deal is between me and you, not between me and you and all of your friends. If you want to tell your friends, and they make money, I want my cut
  5. I will NEVER tell anybody how I come up   with my picks, so please don’t ask.

   6.   I guarentee absolute blowout winners!

         And by absolute blowout winners, I mean


         en winners! I don’t predict game-flow, I 

         predict results. There are going to be bad

         days, bad stretches, and even bad

         weeks. Anyone who tells you otherwise is                

         full of shit. I’d bet my family on that. 

         However, there are going to be great 

         days, great stretches, and great weeks.

         In either case, I suggest you get some 

         blood pressure meds cuz you’re gonna 

         need em’ 😆


Fair enough? I don’t mean to sound like a pompous jerk, but I’m almost 50 years old and I don’t have time to be humble. It’s first come first serve. If I stop giving you proof, that means I found a partner. Thank you ahead of time for your interest. If this ALL sounds good to you, let’s do this!!!!!!! If not, I understand and wish you well. 👊🏻 


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