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         Why not learn to trade to supplement your budget with my amazing high win percentage trade setups?  Trade an hour or two daily and enhance your life or trade more and make more. My trade setups occur frequently in every currency pair and time period.  Wait for the trigger signal and collect your winnings.

        These trade signals are ideal for busy people.  You can trade anytime: evenings, late nights, early am or late mornings.  Trade  anytime 24 hours a day!  Trade a couple hours and then go play and live your dreams.  I train beginners or very experienced traders.  I tailor the training to your level.  No training session is the same.  Every lesson is unique and different.

       My training is the best value you will find anywhere and you can pay for my whole program with just a few trades.  At this discounted rate and payment options anyone should be able to take advantage of  this opportunity to learn how to trade successfully and make money trading.


         If you do not take action you will be missing out on one of the greatest   opportunities of a lifetime.  Forex is the biggest pool of money on earth that you can tap into.  Forex is making consistent profits for many traders. Isn’t it time you start your journey to learn how to trade and take advantage of the largest money pool on earth, the Forex Market?

          I teach very safe and sound trading techniques.  There are many risks to trading for those who are untrained and uninformed.  My training will help you avoid the avoidable errors and mistakes that await the unprepared that can cost traders far more than the cost of my training.  I teach the good, the bad, and the ugly about trading that others avoid disclosing.  Let me help you avoid the dangers and risks that rob so many of victory.



I tutor you “one on one” WITH INTERNET SCREEN SHARING, which is better than you sitting next to me.  My training works for Forex and Futures and helps with your Stocks trading.


SOME STUDENTS WITH EXPERIENCE START MAKING MONEY AFTER THE SECOND or THIRD LESSON.    I begin teaching one of  highest percentage trade setups delivers 95% reliability in the very first two hour lesson.  By the  third lessons some are already making money with this first trade setup, but it is just one of 8 amazing trade setups I teach.  I recommend that beginners wait until they have the benefit of the entire course before trading live.

Yes, I have more  amazing trade setups to teach and many more trading secrets to share but you are on your way to learning a life changing set of skills taught by an 40 year veteran trader and master trainer with a Masters Degree in Education.    You will be learn the same system and methods I with myself.

        One nice feature of my training is that I do not just teach during banker’s hours.  I tutor evenings, weekends, and holidays.  I can make more money trading than I do tutoring but I enjoy helping others to learn to trade successfully.  I trade between tutoring my students.  For me there is always a good trade setup somewhere!



         I use computer screen sharing from which works better than if you were setting next to me. I can train you no matter where you are in the comfort of your home or office. I avoid what does not work and teach only the highest probability winning trades with amazingly accurate trade setups which greatly shortens the time it takes you to begin making profits.

         You will quickly learn how to read the charts, recognize winning trade set ups, and know when it is not wise to take trades. I teach you the best indicators out of hundreds out there, the best times to trade, and when it is not wise to trade. I even help you set up your trading platform with six charts to maximize the number of great trades you will find. 


Then you will receive written material to study and time to practice what I have taught you.  In your third lesson I answer all of your questions and we review many other trades.  You will be 95% of the way to learning how to trade this trade setup. As your lessons continue, you will learn even more about what to do to be a great trader.    You will also be taught more of my amazing trade setups.  

         Prove to yourself the 90% win rates on these trades.  I have paid big fees to many programs, trainers, educators, hucksters, outright liars, and others and every time I ended up disappointed.  To learn the wisdom and knowledge I now have has cost me many thousands of dollars over my forty many years of trading. 

My goal is to help you avoid all of that expense and time and quickly achieve profitability in your trading.  The amazing trades I teach you are real and occur often.  The rules are so easy I believe I could teach them to a sixth grader. You will be hard pressed to find better safer trades being taught anywhere at any cost.

         I help you set up a FREE DEMO TRADING ACCT  with EIGHT of the BEST TRADABLE CHARTS ON ONE SCREEN with THE BEST INDICATORS so you can practice and gain all the skills needed  until you are ready to trade with real money.  You do not want to trade with real money until yor prove to yourself that you can consistently be a winner.  This unique setup will help to be a winner and to maximize the # of great trade setups you will find in each trading session.


You will have Free data. Free Charts. Free Indicators. The Lowest commissions.  The Best Broker in the United States and the best training with ONE on ONE.

          I have nothing else to sell!  I sell no books, no CD’s, no additional services.  Sorry, I do not trade for others. I trade for myself only mainly from 5am to 8 am daily. I have a lot of extra time to teach you. 

AS AN EXTRA INCENTIVE I SEND YOU MY COMPLETE WRITTEN STUDY MATERIAL AFTER EACH LESSON.  I used to sell these for $200 extra, but I will give them to you with this offer for FREE.  These power packed bundles contain valuable ideas, trading secrets, warnings, and suggestions that will help you reach your dreams and goals.  They review the main points of each lessons and trade signals plus put in writing the rules and guidelines for each trade.  They contain many additional valuable tips and information that will help you achieve trading success.

These bundles allow you focus intently on the live training lesson and take very few notes. I will tell you the notes that I feel are so important as to merit writing them down. These jewels of wisdom gleaned from years of my trading experience adds so much valuable content to each lesson far beyond what we can cover in the time allotted. They expand your knowledge at least and give you the ability to review, study, and double check everything. It leaves nothing to chance, to misinterpretation, to ambiguity, or to confusion. Few trainers dare to give you their training in writing. This is an amazing extra benefit of immeasurable value.

           LET ME BOLDLY SAY THIS!   IF YOU ARE AN EXPERIENCED TRADER, I WILL  FIND MANY WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR TRADING RESULTS!   I GUARANTEE IT!   Ask yourself this?  How much value and additional earnings will just one great idea or one improvement in your trading make in the next year?  The benefit could well be far more than you are paying me for the entire training.  YOUR TRADING WILL IMPROVE AS A RESULT OF YOUR TAKING THIS COURSE.  This will be a life changing event for you and your family. You will gain confidence and learn faster than with any DVD COURSE, GROUP SEMINAR, OR OTHER “CANNED” TRAINING. 

          I am not a licensed broker or financial advisor and I am not associated with any brokerage. My service is educational only and requires no licenses. I am a 40 year veteran trader who has retired and has a lot of extra time to spend teaching those who really want to learn. I am a professional Master Degreed Teacher with an additional BS degree in Engineering and a PHD in real life trading experience.  I love teaching and I love the excitement of trading so my tutoring is a natural gift.


OPTION 1A: 10 HOUR PACKAGE:   Pay $799.  For a limited time my $999  10 hour one on one training is reduced to $799 if paid in one payment saving you $200.  This 10 hour program is especially recommended for all and required for those with limited or no prior training.  You have 6  months before the hours expire.  This plan is the least expensive per hour and gives you the most time to learn and master as many of my trade setups as you can.  Check out my website at    

        Use these hours in live trading if you wish!  One recent student used these extra hours in live trading to have me help him make over $1100 in two Crude Oil trades plus all the additional review and  learning. Some students start trading live and making money before they even complete the course. That is OK but please the demo until you prove to yourself that you can make money! You have the rest of your life to trade.  Don’t rush it!

OPTION 1B   10 HOUR PCK With 3 PAYMENTS of $329

$329  BUYS HOURS 1, 2, and 3; $329  BUYS HOUR  4, 5, and 6

The last payment win a bonus hour: $329329 BUYS HOURS  7, 8, 9, & 10.

  *** With any of the payment plans you pay and learn at your own pace.  There are no fixed set payment schedules and no obligation to make additional payments. You have 12 months before these hours expire if you have paid in full within 6 months.

  You have six months to complete before the hours expire.

NO RISK GUARANTEE:  If you are unhappy with my training for any reason after the first hour, just tell me and I will refund all the rest of your money.  I will not refund your payment for the first hour.  I want all my student to succeed and to complete the full 10 hours which will almost guarantee them success.

 NO RISK GUARANTEE:   If after the first hour for any reason you are not happy I         You will refund all the rest of your money if you request at that time.  I will not refund the first hour of training because I will have revealed to you all of my indicators and their unique settings and many of my trade secrets plus started to teach you the first set up with all the rules. There are no refunds after the first hour of training because I want students to be committed to complete these hours so they will learn and master as many of my trades as possible. Everyone can learn at least some of these trades! 


Please understand that these days there are many lookieloos.  I do not want the curious tire kickers. I want serious students who really want to learn.  If you learn even one of these trade setups you can make back your entire investment in just a couple of trades.  Most students will learn most or all of my trades.

Please, if you are not committed do not waste my time so I can use that time to train someone else who is serious and committed.  Understand this is not mass education.  This is me training only you, one on one.  I have only a limited number of students that I can handle during any given time period.

 The answers I usually get when I ask my students if they like the training and if they want a refund are like these:

“I have learned more in this hour that I learned in the $5,000 course.”

“You are a very good teacher and I am so happy to have found you.  No way do I want a refund because I have wanted to learn this for a long time.”

“I am so excited and happy.  I do not want a refund.  I want to learn everything you can teach me.”

          I use JOIN.ME SCREEN SHARING (No cost to you)  You will be taught the same system I trade with myself in Forex, Futures, and  Stocks.   .

            I will analyze any trade you have made and explain how you could have improved the trade.  Having someone review your trades is a tremendous benefit and reveals any bad habits you may have developed or any errors you are making in your trading.   Most traders are making errors and there is no one to show them or tell them what they are doing wrong or how to do it better.   Some traders have been making the same mistakes for years.   

           You can spend from the hundreds of thousands and thousands trying learn or of dollars I have spent plus the countless hours of study and practice it took for me to learn what I know today. You benefit from all of that for just a small investment with me,  and as a Bonus I will teach you a winning system that has taken me years to develop and refine.

           If you do not have a trading platform set up yet, I will help you get a FREE demo platform and account set up and ready for practice trading           Whether you want to trade stocks, Futures, or Forex currencies, you can have a FREE PRACTICE ACCOUNT.  This is far more exciting than playing video games, and can result in a life changing career experience.

           Every student's training is unique and different. This is not a canned program. I assist you in analyzing current market trades and setups as you learn.  Everyone learns at a different pace and needs different emphasis. 

         . My training is participatory.  You are not just an observer!  You will actually do every single task on the computer that is needed in trading with my help and guidance.  It is complete training. Such actual hands-on  experience never happens in seminars or group trainings.

        With my protective guidance you will avoid SCAMS, ROBOTS, and  SYSTEMS that put your money at risk and just do not work. I receive feedback from my students and investigate many offerings myself from which you will derive much benefit.

 SIGN UPservices will make and save you many multiples of the low affordable investment.  Sign up today!  This slow winter special will end soon.
RESPOND TODAY or call me with any questions. LET'S TALK ABOUT YOUR NEEDS AND GOALS.   CALL, TEXT,  ME NOW before you forget.  CALL me at OR EMAIL me your name, phone # & email so I can send you more info.

909-747-7811,   or Emai EMAIL   MRDVD777@GMAIL.COM









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