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Alliance Practice Management Medical Billing Service has been servicing small, mid-size, individual practice, and multispecialty physician groups for over 20 years. We offer free consultations to discuss our services!

The trusted full outsourced medical billing service solution company that helps reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Alliance Practice Management work with each client individually, tailoring your account to serve your specific needs. Our clients consist of various specialties across the United States. We specialize in Orthopedics, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Pain Management, Psychiatry, Personal Injury & Worker's Comp claim filing, just to name a few.

improve collections by over 20% and reduce costs by over 30% - through our unwavering focus on your Accounts Receivable.

Guaranteed Medical Billing Services

Quick Insurance claim processing - We do the claim transmission within 12 hours

Expedited account receivable and Payments - We Post the EOBs & ERAs within 24 hours and EOB/ERA denials will be captured and processed another 24 hours

Quicker Reimbursement – Efficient working strategy to submit all clean claims, reducing the cycle of unnecessary rejections and denials.

Minimum 99% and above quality standard assured.

Capability to work with the medical billing software of your choice.


Our company offers a full suite of services

Medical Billing

Accounts Receivable


Provider Enrollment and Credentialing

Electronic Claim Filing

Electronic and Paper Claim Filing

Patient Statement Billing

Contact patient(s) and discuss overdue payments

Reimbursement of Outstanding Accounts

Accounts Receivable

Insurance verifications

Filing claim appeals with insurance companies to ensure maximum reimbursement

Revenue Cycle Management

Workers Compensation

Communicate with various insurance payers

Responsible of all confidential information

Ensure all claims are submitted daily with a goal of zero errors

Timely follow up on insurance claim status

Reading and interpreting an EOB (Explanation of Benefits)

Respond to inquiries by insurance companies

Claim denial management


Telehealth claim filing and setup

The Increasing Acceptance of Telemedicine for Care Delivery in the Post COVID-19 Era

Telemedicine offers several benefits.

Improved time management and productivity.

Telemedicine benefits are different for different specialties.

New Business and Care Delivery Models likely to emerge.


Meet with Billing Physician, Manager/Supervisor to discuss and resolve reimbursement issues or billing obstacles

Any additional duties as requested by management

We provide frequent formal communication with our clients




We are passionate in serving our clients expectations in every way. Our services help accuracy to healthcare providers to drive Improved patient visits and cost savings!

Any Billing Company can submit your claims. It's what happens before & after the initial submission that makes a difference.

By outsourcing your billing with Alliance Practice Management, it gives you and your staff more quality time to spend with patients and lead to greater patient satisfaction.

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