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            In my one on one training course I teach several trade setups that win about 87% of the time.  I challenge every student to prove to their self the win rates of these AMAZING TRADE SETUPS that have taken me years to discover make reproducible.

          Whether you are trading the Forex Currencies or any of the Futures Charts such as Nasdaq, Emini, Russel, Crude Oil, Agricultural Products, you will see these amazing trade setup signals in every chart.   There is no shortage of trade setups.  They are everywhere and occur often.

          Why does the training require 10 hours?  The normal brain cannot absorb complex things in one setting.  That is why I break the training up into 9 sessions.  Nothing is canned.  Every session is one on one and unique, just you and me.

          Who will be your tutor?  I have a master’s degree in Education and have taught and tutored students in all levels math for years.  I believe I have a PHD in trading earned from my 40 years of battling the markets.

        I understand that most students will not learn and master anything with one lesson or demonstration.  That is why my 10 hour course is divided into 9 different sessions so students can have ample time practice and study the Study Bundles I send for every lesson I teach.  Plus, it gives you time to prepare questions for the next lesson and to perfect your skills while trading on a demo account.  

        In my lessons you get every question answered when it comes to your mind. There is absolutely no reason any student will not be able to learn my trade setups.  I believe I could teach them to a sixth grader!  By the end of the 10 hours every student should be able to execute profitable trades with some of my trade setups. There is nothing difficult or hard about the rules for these trades.


          How simple are these rules?  For example, can you tell a flat line from a line that is going up or down?  Can you tell green candle from a red candle?  There is nothing difficult to learn in my training.  Anyone can learn how.

          I will teach you how to scan 6, 8, or 10 charts every 5 minutes. Thus trading 5 minutes candles you never miss a trade setup.  All you need is patience, discipline, and self-control to let every setup complete.

 I teach 8 trade setups based upon price action plus indicator setups.  My signals give you an exact trigger entry point and a stop loss regimen which when combined is a unique methodology to capture the most profits.

         To ensure that you will always find one of these very high probability trade setups I help you set up a very professional DEMO.  With this Demo you will be able to find more trade setups then you are able to trade.   

This Demo setup gives every student the advantage of greatly increasing the number of my very high probability trade setups you will find and trade which provides a very high winning probability.  No need to have the expense and complexity of multiple monitor screens thanks to the advances of modern computer technology. 

         Knowing that a winning trade setup is soon going to appear helps to reduces the temptation to enter high risk trades out of sheer boredom or desperation. Great high probability trades do not happen all the time.  By exercising patience and discipline and following my easy "fishing" methods, you will find a great trade setup in just a few minutes.  You will be rewarded with win after win and very few losses.  

        My trade setups are the most reliable trades I have discovered during 40 years of trading.  You will not need to spend 40 year like I did. You will learn how to trade very safely after just 10 hours of my training.   THERE ARE NO HIDDEN COSTS or EXPENSES FOR ANYTHING ELSE EVER.  Isn’t that refreshing?


          In addition, you need to do your part.  You need to study the Bundles of information I send to you after every lesson.  They amount to over 500 pages of critical information that cover every important detail that you need to know. 

          You need to practice on the Demo to perfect your skills.  Good trading is a skill.  I can teach your everything you need to know, but you much practice to have to skill to do it.  \

          My program allows you mouse control.  You will practice and do every skill needed with my help and supervision.  You will learn the platform inside and out and become an expert with it.  Without practice you will make costly mistakes.

        My trade setup signals work on Forex or Futures Charts.  Most of what I teach will help you in Stock trading also. 

        I teach you the 4 most likely PROFIT ZONES which are far superior to any profit target system.    As a result of my trade setups you will be able to enter every trade with boldness and without fear.  You will know you are entering a trade with a very big advantage in your favor.

          Isn’t that what you want?  Don’t you want to only be taking trades that offer you a very big advantage?  Is that better than taking trades that you have no idea what your chances of winning are?

         We do have losers but they are very few.  The market can trick us at any time and we can lose.  There are no guarantees in trading.  The best guarantee is to know you are taking a trade that has proven history of winning 90% of the time.

I teach you how to avoid many risky trades.  In the rare event you have a bad trade you will be taught how to put a limit on your loss to keep it within your budget.  NO BIG STOP LOSSES EVER!  My stop losses are from 5 to 15 pips or tics maximum.

  Losing trades happen.  They are impossible to avoid, but they will be rare and the losses smaller than the majority of your wins.  You will be winning 80 to 95% of all my trade setups.  That should give you great confidence and reduce your fear and anxiety.

           I teach very safe and sane trading.  I believe if you only trade my high probability winning trade setups it will be the safest trading possible.   Look at how many ways I protect you from ever having a  devastating loss to your portfolio.

  1. I teach you only the highest probability trade setups. 
  2. I teach you how to place a stop loss order in every trade to limit any loss. 
  3. I teach you the best possible place to put your stop loss order.  
  4. My stop loss placement balances risk, safety, and reward. Most students are amazed at low a risk every trade has.
  5. My methods keep you from taking many “sucker trades” and avoid the many low probability trades.  This is perhaps as valuable as the winning trades I teach you.  No one else teaches this. 
  6. You will avoid many trades that have very low probabilities of success and a high possibility of loss.
  7. You will only be taking trades that offer you a huge advantage.
  8. I will teach the clues and signals that help you to exit trades with the most profits.

       I view a stop loss as "free" insurance on your trade.  ”My stop losses are seldom triggered.   I spent years studying the best strategy for stop loss placement and even wrote a book on the subject.  My stop loss orders will protect every trade and prevent damage to your trading capital.

       These stop loss orders will be triggered so seldom that you might begin to think you do not need them. But I insist you protect your trading capital on every trade with a properly placed stop loss.  You will never have a devastating loss that will seriously draw down your account.  

          I ask you, “What other training program does all of this? “  Most trainers avoid any discussion of risk or dangers or loss. 

I boldly feel you need to be fully aware of the potential risks and dangers inherent in trading.  If you are forewarned it is like being forearmed.  

         With these highly reliable winning trades you can trade more heavily on each trade with confidence and thereby make more money.  As you see yourself winning on the Demo you gain for confidence.  Eventually traders can make as much money as the want.  

         In Forex, Futures or Stocks you make more money when you trade more contracts, lots, or stocks shares.   If you make $100 trading 1 contract or lot, you would make $400 trading 4 contracts or lots.  You do nothing different but you make 4 times more profit.  The entry would be the same.  The exit would be the same.  The stop loss order would be the same.  The time or length of the trade would be the same.  Nothing changes except you make more or less depending upon the size of your position.  

        Of course you need more capital to trade more lots or contracts.  One big advantage of Forex for beginners is you can trade as small as your capital allows.  In futures you must trade one full Contract which many smaller traders are unable to do     

   No matter how small your capital base is, I will help you find the right Broker for you that will accept your account and offer the lowest fees.  In fact, if you trade actively you will pay for the investment in your training just with your savings in Broker fees and commissions. 

You do not need to fund any account to get started.  You just need to practice on my Demo to prove to yourself that you can be a winning trader.  My trade setups will put money in your bank account with great reliability and build any account as large as you want to build it.


Here is how you can enroll.  Choose whichever work best for you.



OPTION 1A:  10 HOUR PACKAGE:   $799.  For a limited time my $999.00 10 hour one on one course is reduced to $799.00  saving you $200.  This 10 hour course is especially recommended for those with limited or no prior training and is usable for one year.  This plan is the least expensive and gives you the complete 10 hour course.  You have one year to complete the hours if paid in full within six months.  No hours will be wasted.


OPTION 1B  10 HOUR PCK With 3 PAYMENTS of $329

        $329 BUYS HOURS 1, 2, and 3:  the next payment of $329 BUYS HOURs  4, 5, and 6; The last payment of $329 BUYS HOURS 7, 8, 9, and 10. (you get an extra hour here) You have 6 months to complete if you have paid all installments within 3 months.

  *** With any of the payment plans you pay and learn at your own pace.  There is no fixed set payment schedule and no obligation to make additional payments.


1.  CHASE BANK:  If  you have a Chase Bank Account go to payments & transfers / Chase QuickPay / Send Money/ Send to David Van Dyke / BANK # 322271627 / MY ACCT # 876250861 / AMT $.  ***This is a great way to send money to family, friends, or anyone.  You can send money from any other bank as well. There should be no cost to you.  Best you consult you bank for instructions or use google wallet below.

2.  WELLS FARGO BANK:  You can send money to me from your Wells Fargo Bank Account at no cost to you (Debit, credit, or savings) or from any other bank.

a.  Sign on to Wells

b.  Select Transfer Tab

c.  Select Wells Fargo Sure Pay

d.  Follow the easy steps:  You will need the following:

          1.  My bank’s routing #  #122000247

          2.  My account #             #5663343332

          3.  Name of my acct:  David Van Dyke


3. BANK OF AMERICA:  You can send money to me @ my BofA account  at no cost to you by either depositing it to David Van Dyke, account #3250 6276 0186 or to my mobile #  The bank routing # is 540930106.


4.  PAYPAL:  Just click PAYPAL.COM and follow the directions.  It is free for you to use but they will charge me 3%.  The other methods are free for both of us.


 NO RISK GUARANTEE:   If after the first hour for any reason you are not happy I will refund all the rest of your money if you request.  I will not refund the first hour of training. In that hour I teach very valuable trade secrets helpful to all.  I will refund any additional money paid immediately. There are no refunds after the first hour because you need to be committed to learn these great trades.

          But let's be honest.  Everyone does not have the stomach to be a good trader.  How will you know if you have what it takes?

         You will only know by taking my training on a DEMO account where you will not lose one dime of your money.  If you cannot win consistently on the demo you will not magically be a winner when you fund a live account.  You must convince yourself that you can make money.  Only when you convince yourself should open a live funded account. 

         The demo chart is exactly the same as a live chart.  I cannot tell you if you will be a good trader.  I do not know you or your abilities?  I can give you the best training and the best trade setups, but you still need to have discipline, self control, spend time studying and practicing, and have the ability to follow very simple rules.  

          My system is easy and simple.  I will teach you a lot more about trading then my set up signals.  I TEACH SAFE TRADING TECHNIQUES.  YOU WILL HAVE MOUSE CONTROL ON THE COMPUTER AND ACTUALLY DO EVERY SINGLE THING YOU WILL EVER NEED TO DO WITH ME GUIDING AND INSTRUCTING YOU.  There is no better way to learn.  You will not learn just watching me or anyone else trade.  You will only learn by actually doing it, and you will have my expert help and guidance as you do.

         I have spent Thousands of dollars on general training which includes seminars, books, trading manuals, etc. The problem with this education is you learn a lot of “stuff” but you do not learn what you need to know to make money!  What is most important? 

  1. Do you know when to take a trade? 
  2. Do you know when to exit a trade?
  3. Do you know when it is unwise to take a trade?
  4. Do you know how to prevent a catastrophic loss?
  5. Do you know what are the best indicators and settings? 

         If you lack the knowledge and understanding of any one of these four critical skills you will probably not be very successful.  I teach all four with great precision like a surgeon.  You will see on the chart exactly when to enter.  You will see the setup with all the conditions being right for you to exercise the trade.  You will do this with only one indicator and the Japanese Candlesticks.  It is simple and easy and I teach you how to recognize one of my best trades in the very first three lessons. 

        Each trade you learn makes the next trade easier to learn.  You will be shown dozens of examples of each trade to help you master the trade.   Unless you are another Einstein you will need many examples to help you master and overlearn each trade.

        In the subsequent lessons you will be perfecting your skills and be learning more trades to the level of a surgeon.  You will become an expert with my tutorage.  Some master only couple of trades in the 10 hour course.  Others master many or all of the trades I teach because they are faster learners with more experience.  You do not need to know all the trades to be very successful.

How much money would you like to make in a week with your trading?

$50 ? $100 ?  $250 ?  $500 ?  $750  $1,000 ? $1500 ?  $2000 ?  These are all achievable goals depending upon the size of your trading account and your risk tolerance.

          I have some students whose goals are unreasonable and very unrealistic and I simple tell them so.  I am brutally honest.  If your goal is unrealistic I will try to bring it down to some realistic level.  I want every student to succeed and reach their goals. 

          One prospective student wanted to make $1000 a week starting with $500.  Come on!  That’s a 200% gain in a week, or 10,400% annual gain. He wants to beat 99% of all the professional traders in the world starting with a very small account.   He did not like hearing the truth because I never heard from him again.

          Another student starting with $2000 needed to make $10,000 a month.  I told him that was also unreasonable.  He listened to me and took my course anyway.  Do not expect miracles. He wanted to make 500% a month as a beginner which is 6000% a year.  Almost nobody does that!  Set you goals to a fair and reasonable level that you will be able to reach.

HOW IS THE TRAINING DELIVERED?   I use JOIN.ME SCREEN SHARING and we talk over the phone or internet.    I will be teaching you the same methods I trade with myself.

          If you do not have a trading platform set up yet I will help you to set it up completely with the correct indicators set to the correct settings, ready for your practice trading. This will save you days and weeks of time and frustration and you will end up with a better trading platform.  Whether you want to trade Forex or Futures, everything I teach you will work for both. 

          I highly recommend that you do not start live trading with real money until you have proven to yourself that you can trade profitably with what I teach you.  You have the rest of your life to make money trading.  DO NOT RUSH IT.

           Practice trading on a demo is far more exciting than playing video games because you know it is a life changing career experience.


           Every student's training is unique and different. This is not a “canned” program! We analyze current market trades and setups as you learn.  Everyone learns at a different pace and needs different emphasis.  Nothing “canned” here.  No group training here.  It is all personalized just for you.

        AFTER EACH LESSON I SUGGEST SOME HOMEWORK SO YOU CAN PRACTICE THE DIFFERENT SKILLS I AM TEACHING YOU. Most students will not learn by just watching me. Thorough learning requires study and practice in a demo account.

        The questions that come up during your homework practice help me to fine tune your understanding and to know where your knowledge needs bolstering. This is not homework you have to turn in to me.  It is the honor system and for your educational benefit only.

        Every question gets answered until you totally understand.  No CD’s, DVD’s, tapes, or book can do this for you!  What make my training so superior is you will actually be doing everything that is requird to trade.  That is the magic that makes my training superior.  I give you mouse control on my screen and you will be doing every single thing you have to do to trade successfully.

That is the secret is my 1 on 1 training!  One onone training is a lot of work for me and few are willing to do it. They make far more money when they have hundreds in a group class.  But you will not learn how to trade in those group classes!

  I work very hard in each lesson with each student.  Each student has unique questions that do not get answered adequately and fully in a group setting.  No question is left unanswered in my classes.





          It may take you a little longer but you will be going directly to the goal of profitable trading without all the losses and expense of non-effective programs.  Four years of college won’t teach you how to make money this easily!  

          Instead of learning risky trading ideas MR DVD will take you directly to what really works.  You get winning trade setups.  You will save so much time and money compared to much more expensive training programs filled with a lot of non-essential information that will not help you make money.

         Many educational programs cost way over $10,000.  The very small investment in my classes will change your life forever and won’t take years to complete.  You will be ready in weeks or months.   What I teach you will help you in trading Forex, Futures, and the stock market.




         What I am offering is very valuable and most students tell me I should charge much more.  Many of my students have taken previous group trainings costing $5,000, $10.000, and more and they all say they learn and understand more from my training. 

The most beautiful thing about my training is that my goal is to make you independent.  I want you to be successful and not dependent upon me.  Many other programs try to keep you paying monthly fees forever and make you dependent upon them, their indicators, or their brokerage.


           Email me and I will send you more information or call me.   

            I WELCOME YOUR CALLS.  909-747-7811,  951-325-8551 EMAIL  MRDVD777@GMAIL.COM  SEND PHONE # & EMAIL PLEASE  


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