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Ad number:#534625135
Contact:Bob O
City:Fairless Hills
Price:41.5% of Collections


Our firm is seeking an aggressive, hard-working individual to collect unpaid accounts receivable. 

You may start and we will train you as soon as tomorrow.

Our firm is overwhelmed with Accounting, Internal Revenue Service notices, Payroll and Tax Preparation Services.

Businesses and Individuals call us all the time when they have a problem.  Why; because we resolve them.  Then, when it comes time to pay, they have no money.   

This issue is getting out of hand, ridiculous and is costing us a lot of money.

We believe in personal contact with our clients and that includes “collections”.

You will earn a lot of compensation using your skills such as Communication, Organization, Pursuit, Selling, Tenacity, Using the Facts and Taking Advantage of our Iron-Clad Engagement Letters.

After all, our current and former clients who owe our firm unpaid invoices know how busy we are and believe we will not litigate against them. 

By the way, collection agencies do not work, as they only send out letters; a waste of time.  We have also used lawyers, another waste of time, as most of them want upfront fees and would rather handle personal injury cases. The only way to win is our way.

When we have filed civil complaints, over the years, against former clients, the outcome is usually in our favor.  The victory, for the most part, includes collection fees (YOU), confession of judgment, continued service charges (YOU) at the rate of 1.50% per month up to final payment of judgment award, court filing costs, expert witness fees, investigation fees, payment guarantee, postage, post-judgment collection costs, service of process charges and sheriff’s costs.

Furthermore, these clients have agreed in writing to waive their rights under the 4-year statute of limitation period as well as a trial by jury.

We will win the “court hearing” but they will want to negotiate at the courthouse; once we go to court.  Once in court, there is no negotiation, as we have offered discounts over the years to no avail.

You may ask, what happens if I cannot find these “deadbeats”. Oh my gosh, we forgot to mention having a “Private Investigator” in our fold who will find anyone; anywhere.

Finally, you make your own hours between 800am and 900pm, Monday through Friday.

You may call these debtors at work and on the weekends unless they tell you, it is inconvenient to call at work or on the weekends.

Finally, does earning an unlimited amount of compensation interest you, setting your own hours, coming and going as you please and having an unlimited source of income? 

Call us now, come in tomorrow for training and start collecting thereafter. 

Ask yourself, what would you rather do and then call us now at 215.550.3636 between the hours of 1100am and 1000pm, Monday through Sunday (SUNDAY IS NOT A TYPING ERROR) and let us all make more money. 

Thank you for reading this ad, as joining our money making group will have no disappointment. 

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