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New York City: Manhattan

Certified & Experienced Intuit Pro Advisor


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City:New York City


Free 30 Minutes Consultation offered New Clients!

We at Trans America Specialize in Restaurant, Construction, Deli Grocery , Entertainment and work with our CPA for his clients bookkeeping who are in different industries.

Trans America are Intuit Certified Pro Advisors in QuickBooks, Trans America provides Professional and Personalized Bookkeeping, Service with over 18 years of solid experience. 

Trans America are Pro Advisors in Quick Books Online & Desktop, is a Professional Financial, Accounting and Bookkeeping service provider in America to meet the financial needs of many

organizations- small, medium, large, partnership, sole proprietorship or family-owned. Trans America’s bookkeeping service in New York City USA is the answer to all financial and accounting needs.


At Trans America we can help you with Sales Tax, Payroll Setup and Integration of your existing systems or help to streamline your bookkeeping systems with the correct checks and balances for Best Practices.

Trans America has a professional CPA who is well qualified and has over 30 years of experience and also we work with your CPA to assure that he/she is able to provide the best tax planning based on

accurate bookkeeping and reporting. Trans America Services Small and Medium Business and you can be assured that even small business will get the Professional Bookkeeping Service and detail attention required,

as only small business grow to medium or large corporations.  Trans America services small business like Mom & Pop store, Deli and also Individuals.


Trans America NYC also does Freelance Projects Like one time to catch up your books for tax purposes.


Bookkeeping & Payroll Services.

(1) Bank and credit card statement reconciliation
a. Monthly or daily - as needed

(2) Accounts Receivable Processing
a. Billing and Invoicing
b. Posting and keeping track of your client's payments
c. Credit card transactions

(3) Accounts Payable Processing
a. Entering and paying vendor bills
b. Posting and keeping track of all vendor activity


(4) Payroll
a. Posting to G/L of periodic payroll
b. Reconciliation of G/L to reported payroll

c. (Payroll tax service provided Running Payroll and Monthly  tax filling.)

(5) Financial Reports
a. Balance sheet
b. Profit and loss
c. Budgeting and forecasting
d. Cash flow Statement (available cash balance)
e. Customize any reports you need

(6) Tax Preparation done by cpa

a. Corporate income tax

b. Individual Income Tax

c. Sales Tax


(7) Liaison with your CPA for monthly/quarterly/ annual needs

(8) Additionally, books also reviewed by in-house CPA

(9) QuickBooks set-up and backlog bookkeeping for customers who sign-up for on-going bookkeeping services.

(10) Paperless document management system available. All your papers (invoices, checks, bills etc.) will be linked directly to your QuickBooks records and available for retrieval at the press of a button.

Trans America Provides Payroll Services using Quickbooks online and desktop which includes Running your Payroll weekly, biweekly weekly or twice a month, Payment of your Monthly Tax or twice a Month, to the state and IRS provided with or without Quick Books and is a Separate Payroll Accounting  Advisory Service from Bookkeeping.


Trans America (Professional Bookkeeping Services) provides Payroll Accounting  Advisory Service as a Separate service and can be taken by itself or this service can be taken  along with your Accounting and Payroll Services Bookkeeping Service.


Please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

For Further prices and different packages information please call Sandy @ 646-633-3292 /email







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