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         Check out my website at  TUTORFORTRADERS.COM

            If you are a new beginner or an experienced trader, I can increase your winnings. My one on one training requires no embarrassment, no travel to meetings, and no additional costs.

           I will teach you my best winning trade setups that have the highest win percentage. One on one training with screen sharing is a much better faster way to learn.

 My trade setups occur often in every chart every day. They have win rates up to 90% which is amazing.

1.     My trade setups reduce your stress & increase your confidence.

2.     They give you more wins and fewer losses.

3.     You learn the best trades I have discovered after forty years as a trader.  I am a chartist.  I study the market’s movements.

4.        You learn how to win safely without risking your trading capital.  I teach you what works plus what does not work that other trainers too often avoid.

My trade setups give you the confidence you need to pull the trigger and know it will be a winning trade.  Forex is the best medium to make a lot of money starting with a small amount of money.

        My one on one training is superior to sitting in a classroom or watching videos.  Most students do not learn that way.  You will actually be doing everything you need to do on your computer with  my guidance. You will have mouse control and do every task needed to trade and get every questions answered immediately.


  1. Almost everyone who begins to trade without serious quality training losses money.  To be successful you need professional training.  Good training makes trading easy, fun, and profitable.
  2.  The rewards of trading are great which everyone TOOTS AND PROMOTES, but the dangers and risks are Taboo Subjects.  They are not Taboo in my tutoring as I teach and stress how to avoid and overcome the dangers and risks.
  3. Advanced knowledge is power.    My trade setups and training give you a big edge and advantage over the “professionals”. 
  4. 70% of those trading Forex are not trading to make profits.  They are banks or companies who are just trying to exchange one currency for another.  When Caterpillar Tractor Co sells to Japan they get paid in the Japanese Yen.  That does not spend well in the U.S. so of necessity they need to use the Forex currency market to repatriate that money into good old U.S. Dollars. 
  5. Banks make their money by making loans and collecting interest or selling annuities and other investments.  Very few try to make money by trading Forex Currencies. 
  6. We as small traders have a big advantage over the banks.  We can be in and out of trades quickly. It may take banks and funds days to exchange the millions of dollars.  Our trading speed can make them easy pickin’s.


I teach the best times to be trading.  Forex is a true 24 hour a day market.  You can find my trade setups any time of day.

I train from 8AM Pacific time to as late as 7PM Pacific any day, even on weekends.

        Why do I tutor?  I tutor because I love helping others, not to make a living.  I already have everything I need. I am retired and my needs are all met.  Retirement can be boring but I am never bored when I am trading or teaching.  I think I was born to be a teacher.  I have a Master’s Degree in Education and a Bachelors in Engineering. 

It is so funny.  When I go to Vegas and walk through the Caesar’s mall I want nothing and need nothing.  That is such a nice place to be in life.

 I tutor because I enjoy helping others to avoid the pitfalls that I experienced when I was learning.  I lost many thousands and I made many thousands but I was not a consistent winner which is everyone’s goal.  I have discovered the trade setups that can make anyone a consistent winner and help them to achieve financial success easier and more quickly.

As a former teacher I spent years tutoring my students in all levels of math, geometry and algebra. 

When I started my own long-term health care business I was a workaholic for over 20 years. I built my company into the largest privately-owned group of over 30 facilities in four states.  I sold out to a public Corporation that had just done a public offering and had lots of money to burn.

 I was a trainer in my business.  I love training. Being recently retired is wonderful but I am so used to being active that I find retirement boring.  I need to be challenged and active and keep my mind sharp.  I still have all the time I need to enjoy anything I want to do with my wife and adult children, but guess what? 

I enjoy teaching more than anything.  I think I enjoy it more than when I have a winning trade.  A winning trade is a ho-hummer and no big deal to me.  But when a student begins to see success, that is exciting to me. I wish I had found someone to teach me in the early years all that I teach others today for so little!    I spent fortunes on books, seminars, cassettes, etc. to try to learn how to win consistently.  I attended very expensive seminars that cost thousands.  What I teach has taken me years of studying the charts, experimenting, and trying new approaches to trading.  I am thankful to all who helped contribute to what I now know, but all my trade setups I learned myself.  No one else teaches them.

          One the best investments in training I ever made was the $5,000 I paid to George Lane. He was the inventor of the Stochastic indicator.  In addition to that $5,000 I spent over $1,000 traveling from California to George’s little boring home town in Southern California where he had retired and established a small classroom and trading room to accommodate 12 students at a time.  George spent 6 hours daily training us and then we spend another 4 hours daily in his computer room practicing what he had taught us. That was some of the best training and was worth every penny.

        Is that where I learned the trades I teach you?  No!  My trade setups are a composite of many great teachers plus my own unending analysis and study of the movement of the charts.  I am a chartist by anyone’s definition today.  Actually, I never learned any specific trade setup that I teach from anyone else. 

        Most trainers teach generalities and not specifics.  It has been my job figure out the rules & guidelines to make every trade reproducible. There are many trades that cannot be reproduced. They just happen randomly and cannot be structured to be taught. That is why most of the industry teaches the general principals of trading and leaves it up to you to decide what is going to be a winning trade and what will be a losing trade.

It has taken me years of analysis to determine the answers to the most obvious question.  What trades offer the best odds of success?  Any trader of experience can quickly tell you about some trades that are very risky and the outcome is very uncertain. 

Even the worst trade wins sometimes!  Every trade works sometimes!  You could throw a dart at a chart and win sometimes, but sometimes does not make your account grow. 

        I have gone back and figured out what trades are the best. I have spent a lot of time checking the percentage of success of each trade I teach.  I do not teach any trade that I believe will produce less than 80% successful.  I have several trades that are over 90% successful.

Many teach that you can still be a winner if you win half of your trades.  That may be true, but I will not teach trade setups that win such a small amount of the time.  I also do not teach trades I know are for most traders impossible and extremely difficult to do. 

Why do so many teach students trade the larger time frames like 4 hours, daily, etc?  I believe it is because they can lure innocent traders by the large number of pips or tics they can claim that these trade I am not interested in winning half of the time no matter how hard they try to convince me. Oh, I know the mathematics says that what they say can sometimes be true.   But in real trading with all the stress, fear, mind psychology, sudden eratic moves, commissions, fees, and the occasional errors we all make, the 50% win rate does not work. A trader needs trades that offer a much higher success rate.  That is the biggest value of my training. Each of my trade setups offer the assurance of much higher win rates up to 90% plus.

They fail to explain the many difficulties and problems in actually trying to duplicate what they teach.  The big brokers who have 24 hour manpower coverage perhaps can trade these large time frames, but it is almost impossible for normal traders to do so.  We all have to eat, sleep, work, and take care of life’s many demands.  We also do not have the resources to handle the large stop losses such bigger time frames require. I have many students who come to me for help because they find those bigger time frames tried are nearly impossible for the average trader. 

My trade setups offer you these higher win rates.  To achieve these higher win rates traders must have discipline, self control, and learn my simple rules.  I teach nothing that is difficult.  But thorough learning takes practice and time.

There is no button you can push that will make you a successful trader, contrary to some ads I see out there.  Everyone does not have what it takes to be a great trader.  My training will answer the question for you once and for all.  Can you be a successful constant winning trader?  If you cannot with my winning trade setups, you willl know the answer.    

Yes, we have losing trades.  No one can avoid an occasional loss.  You must be willing to accept the reality of an occasional losing trade.  But I teach my students how to control their losses and keep them very small.  I teach very safe and sound trading.

 To have a stop loss bigger than a targeted win is insanity.  Such a trade should be avoided.  It is that simple!  

The chart gives very specific clues or signals to exit every trade which are far superior to “targets.”  The markets moves are somewhat repetitive and I will teach you how to know the signs

           My fees are best value period!   My course gives you 10 hours in 9 different sessions.  Besides the lessons I send you, with this offer I will include my written Bundles of material to further explain every trade I teach.  These Bundles also cover other important things every trader needs to know.

             I encourage you to check out the price of any other tutorial program.  It is superior training compared to books, seminars, and group trainings.  One on one is just you and me and is the same type of training the kings and rulers of the world received.  Other inferior training packages cost many multiples of my small fees and they do not teach specific winning trade setups. 

          Finally, let me say this in all honesty.  Everyone does not have the stomach to be a trader.  Perhaps my honest “bare all” training, the good, the bad, and the ugly will help you to make the right decision as to whether trading is for you.   I know absolutely that I can teach anyone how to trade, but I cannot make you like trading. 

        If you decide trading is not for you, then I have succeeded in some weird way of helping you to know with finality that trading is not your thing.  Some cannot handle a commission job that does not offer the guarantee of a paycheck at the end of the week.  Some cannot handle placing a bet in a casino.  We all have our limits.  Trading is a Godsend to many and the devil’s pit for others.    Better to know where you are in that spectrum in advance.  My training will help you to know yourself.

          I spent four years to get a BS degree in Engineering only to find that I did not get any satisfaction in that field of work.  Oh, I was very good at it.  I worked in 12 nuclear reactors at Hanford Atomic Works in Hanford Washington. I successful completed three major projects that would saved General Electric hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I found little satisfaction in that job. 

After meeting the love of my life, I went back to school with my wife and earned my Master’s Degree in Education.  I love teaching. I get great satisfaction from teaching.  I wanted to be the best teacher. My first teaching position was with my church and I loved that job even though I was making less than I did as an engineer.  Money is not my motivator.  It is just a score card of one’s success. I stayed with teaching for ten years until I started my own "General Electric Co."   My "GE Company” was in the health care business. I had long term care facilities of many types. I chose that business because it was in keeping with my church and my own desire to help others.

        I loved it.  I was born for it.  I was able to be a teacher and trainer and at the same time while helping families, employees, and patients.  It was a joy to go to work every day for 20 plus years.  I loved my work and was never bored.  Unlike Mr. Trump, I started from poor.  My family was poor and I was born into a poor family, but I did not know we were poor and I never felt poor.  That too was a blessing because I was always sel- motivated in school, in my studies, and in every job I ever had.

My success also resulted from my ability to train every level of employee.  I trained the housekeepers on my hands and knees, the janitors, the nurses in their duties, the cooks in the cleanliness of the kitchen and the quality of the food, the secretaries, the Administrators, and the Coordinators who supervised them.  My little “GE” grew over 20 years from one single 60 bed facility to 36 facilities.  It was such a success story that I cannot believe it myself and I thank all those who helped me make it a success.

You see, I started this business with absolutely no business experience and no experience in running a nursing home.  As a teacher, I valued education and I was good at going to others and asking for help.  I had no business experience.  I valued the knowledge of others who had years of experience in the nursing home business. 

My success in business came from having a good plan, a strategy, or shall we say good take over setups.   I learned to evaluate the financial statements of these facilities and observe which ones I could take over and make a profit and which were dead in the water losers.  I acquired each facility one or two or three at a time.  I developed a formula for success in turning nursing homes that were losing money into very profitable facilities.

        At the same time in every case I improved the care, the food, the atmosphere, the activities and every aspect of the facility.  I improved the lives of the people living, working, and visiting my facilities. 

        When a facility is losing money it usually comes with poor management, poor care of the residents and the facility.  Bad ownership usually is like a cancer, so my planning, my strategies, my excellent training and education of the staff, allowed me to turn the facilities into a profitable business while at the same time providing a high-quality service on an affordable budget. 

With trading, I learned from studying the charts, from my own trading  and from analyzing my losses. The chart tells everything.  I am a chartist!  I do not follow fundamentals.  My trade setups occur by price action alone, and perhaps fundamentals or other influences make the setups.  I do not care why, I just take the trade setups with confidence.

 Realize that you do not need a live trading account for at least one or two months, which is how long it takes most students to really begin to get good at all I have to teach you. 

 I wish I could say I could give you a button to push and money would start pouring into your bank account.  That is not trading reality.  I will give you very specific signals that will work, but I cannot prevent you from panicking when a green candle goes red and exiting the sound winning trade too early.  Nor can I not prevent you from being so anxious that you enter trades before they are really ready and find you are losing your %$#^@. 

          What I can say is this, "What I will teach you is the best there is out there."    I give No guarantees!  I challenge every student to find better indicators, better signals, or a better ways to trade and to let me know if they do and to date no one has ever called to tell me they have done that.

        Yes, there are other ways to trade and make money.  My way is one way.  Actually, depending upon your goals and needs or wants, I can teach many ways to trade.  Day trade, yes.  Swing Trade, yes.  Long term trade, yes.  Position trade, yes.  What I teach would help anyone achieve any of these goals.

          Well, enough of this.

 For a limited time, my 10 hour one on one course is reduced to $799. You will have 6 months to complete these hours,  Or you may make three payments of $329.  You will have 6 months to complete the hours if fully paid within 3 months.

Most students complete all the hours in a few weeks or months.



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