Free Pets to Good Home
in Worcester

Moving and can’t keep our fur babies!


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Hi! This is so heartbreaking but it's just our current circumstances. We are in need of two wonderful homes for our cats as we are losing our apartment and have to move to a hotel. We have 4 cats in total. We have 2 long haired girls who are sisters and have always been together. We adopted them 4 1/2 years ago. They are very chill; in the right setting they can be indoor/outdoor but they are fine as just indoor as well. They are very sweet! One is all black. Black fur, black whiskers and nose. Her sister is Black and white and they are great cuddlers. They have yellow eyes. Up to date on all shots. Litter box trained. Now the other two are brothers that were offspring from a stray we took in about two years ago and was pregnant. So they were born in our current apartment the night of the Conor McGregor/ Floyd Mayweather fight. Seeing them be born was amazing! Now they are smooth coat. All up to date on shots. They are love bugs as well. The oldest is black and white and loves belly rubs and the other is spitting image of their mom. All black with a very small triangle of white under his chin. The older has a two clored nose lip and tongue( black and pink) the boys and girls are not related. The boys are playful love going out as well, and all the cats are healthy and litter box trained. Most of the time they are lazy sleeping slugs! Lol But we adore them and want them to go to wonderful caring people. We are going to our new place December 1. They are great with kids as I have two kids they eat dry food and you can have what I have left if the food, their bowls etc, just bought a brand new habitat for the boys as the oldest loves to watch Big Cat nature shows and I have a huge thing of treats and brand new toys from Amazon that I got before I found out we lost our apartment. They really like the love and connection with their owners and they deserve a wonderful life. So they have to go two at a time. If you are interested please call me or email me as soon as possible as time is of the essence. Thanks, Shannon Mead 978-302-7084

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