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Contact:Michel Indel
City:Bogalusa, LA
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Have you ever gone into a bank with a 20 Federal Note in hand and asked for a $20 coin? I have. Try it some time. They looked at me like I was nutz! ‘Just a minute sir, I’ll get the Manager.’ Figured OK – he has to go to the vault. Wrong! ‘Can you tell me why?’ HuH! “Well, I thought I’d give my Grandson a nice shinny coin for his birthday like my GrandPa did for me.” ‘Sorry [Mr. Customer] we don’t keep those on hand.’

Humm! “OK, how about silver dollars?” ‘Let me check.’ Took almost 14 minutes. ‘Don’t seem to have any, but we do have these.’ What he had was two [2] of those President coins. Have you seen those – nickel & copper $. “Not what I had in mind, but this one looks kinda shinny. I’ll take it.”

I recall when my Gramps gave me 14 Silver Dollars for my birthday. ‘Yep, one for each year and when you turn twenty, you get one of these.’ He took out an old sock and showed me a $20 gold coin. “WoW Gramps...that’s so pretty. Thank you.”

I liked the silver – I loved that beautiful lady. You have to remember this was 1960 – a $ was still a $ and was backed by something else besides faith. In ‘God We Trust’ - we had better.

Get this - Congress mandates that NINE million [that’s 9,000,000] Silver Dollars be produced by the U.S. mint, TWO million [2,000,000] $20 coins and One Half MIllion [500,000] $50 coins. Where are they? I know there are a lot of collectors in our country, but come on they can’t be buying up all of the hard currency struck at the Mint. What’s happening to our U.S. Coins? When was the last time you can remember getting a silver dollar in change from anywhere? I got an Ike back once and I still have it, but that was like 17 years ago. Is the Federal Reserve Bank hoarding that many coins? Hard to believe! Beside we have a Gold and Silver depository at Fort Knox and at West Point, so why go to the trouble of making rounds and Minting Coins? Something is rotten in Denmark – here in the USA also I think.

There needs to be an investigation conducted ASAP. When JFK said: ‘A great fraud is being perpetrated upon the American people.’ Is this a part of what the Great Man was talking about? I’ve tried to contact the Mint and the FRB – they don’t seem to want to speak with a private Citizen about this [or any] issue. Just what the hell is happening in this great country of ours? Where’s Ralph Nader – who’s the Watch Dog Now. Do we even have one? Write your Congressman – write your Senator – write someone! I’ve written all 3 – yet to hear back from anyone.

Good Luck America - & keep at least one eye open at all times.  May God Bless us all!

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