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Safety Instructions for the Use of Portable


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This guide is intended to provide information on the proper selection and safe use of portable fans for comfort, temporary ventilation, air circulation or cooling.

Scope and applicability
This guide applies to all portable fans used for comfort, providing temporary ventilation, circulating air, or providing cooling. This standard does not apply to fans for building ventilation or local exhaust ventilation.

fans' choice
Only fans bearing the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) label will be accepted. Note that other labels are acceptable if the device has been tested by a nationally recognized testing laboratory.
The location of the fan must be approved. Household fans should not be used in the following areas:
Contains flammable liquid
combustible dust
Highly corrosive atmosphere
wet location
All portable fans must be properly protected. In general, guards should not allow spheres larger than ½ inch to pass.
Care must be taken to ensure that the use of portable fans does not interfere with air flow in rooms or spaces designed for negative pressure.
fan usage
Portable fans must not be modified and any repairs must be carried out by qualified personnel.
Fans should not be used in areas that may interfere with air flow in chemical fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, clean benches, and other forms of local exhaust ventilation.
A damaged or malfunctioning fan must be taken out of service.
The fan must be placed on a stable, level surface.
Fans should be placed in areas away from general traffic patterns.
Electrical Safety
The fan's power cord and any associated extension cords must be in good condition with no signs of damage. Power cords or extension cords should not:
create a tripping hazard
Excessive friction, crushing or abrasion
through doorways, windows, or under carpets/carpets
wraps around nails or other sharp surfaces
in stagnant water
Influenced by hazardous chemicals (acids, bases, solvents) that may degrade insulating properties
The department that owns the fan should regularly inspect the insulation of the power cord for damage. Note that environmental health and safety inspections (visual inspections) are performed during regular hazard monitoring rounds.
The power cord should be plugged directly into the wall outlet. If using an extension cord, make sure it is UL Listed.
Using multiple extension cords to power portable fans is discouraged

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