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Contact:Ministers Jason Stephen, Careen & Karen
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With the 2017 wedding season on the horizon brides to be want to be sure the person who officiates their day is someone who has experience and performs a ceremony from the heart and not just goes through the words. We offer a spiritual simple ceremony with intimacy and elegance. We bring back a tradition of long ago with performing the candle lighting ceremony and a sand unification ceremony as a part of your day. We never judge or discriminate, if you are in any type of relationship. A couple looking for something different, a mixed relationship, an interfaith relationship, or you are in a same-sex relationship. We are ministers ordained of non denomination and will explain all of your options to have a day your way..... 

There are brides who had a beautiful wedding service years ago and are now thinking about having a ceremony to renew their vows, there are also brides who had a civil wedding service in the court house or a magistrates office and wish to have the intimate type of ceremony they deserve to have. We welcome you all. 

Over a year now our unique brand has been talk through out social media like Facebook and Twitter. I have talked about in the past how affordable we are, we also bring personality and treat our clients not just as clients but as a part of the Simple Ceremonies family. Our website not only connects you with our great officiants where you can read our bio's and even choose the officiant you want to have as apart of your day, not only did we go out and build not just a wedding vendor list, but a wedding vendor and event website where we took out the stress and hassle of calling all over town looking for this... We did it, we connected with local professionals that bring experience with their respected crafts and services. On website is the main hub of our brand where you can find us all over social media. Here also you can take a look at pictures, watch us actually perform a ceremony by viewing our ceremony videos, and on our Facebook page you can read reviews and comments from local brides and grooms.

Our unique brand of services offer wedding packages that fit just about all types of budgets. We understand living paycheck to paycheck, having rent/mortgage along with all the utilities, and if a couple has children it may be even tougher? We set up a guide to give you just an idea of how affordable we are. Prices listed are for local territories only. (The price section on our website list territory boundaries), any locations outside these areas may result in a travel fee being added to your package.
     -The eloper's package: $50.00 Just like it says, the two of you, basic vows, five to seven minute 
       service at our location. (excludes sand and candle and sand ceremony service)
     -The home and backyard package: $90.00 Here the setting is in your private location. This setting 
       gives couples the means to save money from having to rent a venue hall and/or having someone 
       cater because most of it is done by family and friends and still having a beautiful ceremony.
     -The simple ceremony package: $130.00 A location set at a venue hall with more of a bigger type 
       of celebration. 

 (The home/backyard along with the simple ceremony package may include either the sand unification ceremony or the candle lighting ceremony. The couple would be responsible for buying the unity candle/sand etc. The only thing we would need is to be aware to be prepared.)

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