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Children's Birthday Parties


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Contact:The Art Centre Theatre
City:Plano, Texas



Drama Theme Parties

The Art Centre Theatre announces Drama Theme Parties! Book your 2 hour spot now! $200 for the birthday child and 15 of their friends ($10 for each additional child) Parties are hosted on the Saturday of your choosing form 9-11 AM here at the Art Centre Theatre. (Other days and times can be arranged if time and space allow. Call to check.)

Children will spend 2 hours with a professional storyteller/drama teacher. They will spend the first hour learning and rehearsing a story drama on our stage. After the first hour the child’s parents will be given 30 minutes for cake/ice-cream/presents or whatever activities the family chooses. The last 30 minutes will be spent acting out the story with full costumes, lights and music. All are invited to this last half hour to witness the magic of children’s theatre. Stories are gender/age specific and are told by a teacher with more than 15 years experience in early childhood development. Costumes will be provided.


Our booking agent will not be able to tell you which story you will be acting out but all stories fall with the genres of: Knights – Kings – Queens – Dragons – Princesses - Silly Stories - Fractured Fairy Tales - Animals and Critters.

Two adults from the birthday child’s party are required to be present for the entire two hour period. It is encouraged that parents of attendees vacate the building for the first hour so as not to spoil the “surprise.” Parents should plan to be out of the building at 11:00 as the Art Centre has other activities starting immediately thereafter. Video recording and photography are encouraged and we ask that you email us your BEST photo to go on our “Wall of Birthday Joy!”


Art Theme Party

Enjoy your Art Party at the Art and Drama Centre Theatre in Plano! Our party options fit into two categories:

For a two hour party: $250 flat rate for 12 kids, plus $30 per kid for any child above that.

Painters will enjoy an hour and a half of instructed painting. The birthday girl/boy gets to choose from a variety of paintings we have to offer. Everybody will leave with their own unique recreation of the painting of choice! The last 30 minutes will be used for cake and presents.

$300 per person for a three hour party:

This option is only available for adult parties. The party set up is the same, however an extra hour will be added to the paint time. This is for paintings that are meant for the more advanced.

You can bring any kind of food or decorations that you’d like! Once you find a date that works for you, we will send you a party contract as well as a painting questionnaire. With the help of the questionnaire, we will build a painting that suits the theme for your party! Be sure to include any photos (if you have napkins or plates you want it to match with) as well.

We look forward to hearing from you and let us know if you have further questions.



We are able to provide the items listed here for an additional charge:

  • Birthday Cake - We can provide a sheet cake, dimensions 9 X 13 for an additional fee. You must specify that you want a cake at the time of booking and booking must be three weeks prior to the event. Sheet cakes are stock items and will feature the child’s name and the phrase “Happy Birthday”. Cakes are all flour based and vanilla or chocolate (no mixtures). The cake will feature a number candle with the child’s age. You must tell the booking agent the child’s age when the reservation is made.


  • Decorations - Balloons and decorations are also available for an additional fee. To book with decorations you must make your reservation 3 weeks prior to the event and specify at the time of booking your desire for additional decorations. Decorations will consist of a banner, streamers, 25 helium filled balloons of varying colors. Color specific decorations are available, however, there may be additional cost involved.


  • Photography or Video - Photography and video taping are encouraged! However, if you want to just enjoy your party and have someone else take all the pictures, we do have a photographer/videographer that we are able to bring in for your occasion for a nominal fee. Just let us know when you make your reservation.


Please see our wesbite for mroe details:

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