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Contact:Kelly Elder
City:Plant City


My name is Kelly and I have been a cosmetologist for twenty years. In my twenty years of experience I have helped many families, with providing hair services (haircuts, color, high/low lights, blow outs and updo’s) to Men, Women and Children of all abilities and disabilities.

I understand as a wife and mother of three, that you need to be patient, loving, caring, and respectful to others likes and dislikes. That we all face our own struggles (hurdles, obstacle, whatever name you want to put on it), in our daily lives with our families/children.

I understand that some of us can’t get to a salon, due to a medical condition, have a hundred things to get done, you’ve put yourself on hold once again, no sitter or simply just can’t find the time. Well I have some really good news;


With that said, I primarily travel to client’s homes, because is less stressful on the individual. Some individuals come with sensory issues, some behavioral, some are hyper beyond what they can control. Therefore, the process of getting a haircut is downright dreadful. With the client being in their natural surroundings and more relaxed they tend are more receptive to the process of haircuts.

I understand that sometimes a haircut will take twenty minutes and sometime it will take two hours, “It is what it is”. I work at the client’s speed.

When working with people that have a special need. Their therapist/caregiver will sometimes be present during the appointment, and sometimes they are not. It is primarily based on the client’s needs.

I am also a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) for the past 8 years. Working with a wide range of patients with many different medical diagnoses. Within those 8 years I have remained certified in Basic Life Skills (BLS), CPR and First Aide. I provide this information because I want people to understand that I’ve seen many things in the medical career, so what he/she has been medically diagnosed with, will not stop me from treating individuals with the upmost respect.

If anyone is interested in receiving a in home hair service for yourself, a loved one or a friend or would like more information? Please Personally Message (PM) me, and take a look at my page (it is still a work in progress).

Thank you everyone for your time.

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