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Are you Pregnant? Interested in HD fetal imaging?


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So your interested in a HD ultrasound, and want to learn more?

InfantSeeHD ultrasound of Fairfax, is the preeminent and most widely recognized, and longest operating HD fetal imaging facility in the Greater DC,NoVa, Md, and WV areas for over 15 years. 

We utilize the latest state of the art 

High Definition HD/5D equipment and are best known for our comfortable family friendly, non clinical facilities, to provide you with a relaxed non clinical, family friendly, unparalleled ultrasound experience. 

Having served tens of thousands of expectant families for over a decade, you can rest assured our skilled technicians are experts and very proficient in the execution of 3D/4D/HD and now 5D renderings, mastering the use of this state of the art technology. 

We see expectant mothers as early as 14 weeks (3oz.) and can determine the sex/gender at this early gestational age with great sureness and precision

We even offer a guarantee. 

The suggested time we recommend for HD color pictures and the greatest success rate of viewing the fetus is from 14-34 weeks. (4oz. to 5lbs.)

Anytime before 14 weeks >3oz the baby is still very tiny, smaller than your palm, and has yet the developed the mass and characteristics most people expect to see when viewing their little one. 

The most wonderful aspect of seeing them between 14 and 24weeks is, it is the only time you will be able to see the baby in its entirety on the screen from head to toe.

By 24 weeks your baby will have reached the 1lb. milestone. and note that earlier than 26 weeks the entire baby is viewable within the set window of the ultrasound probe. It is a wonderful time to choose to come. 

15 minute HD sessions are best suited optimally from 14 to 26 weeks. 

We encourage our longer 30 minute session times for anyone expecting a more favorable outcome especially moving past the 28 week mark or < 2lbs.
After 32 weeks< 4 lbs, a greater percentage of babies are far more constrained in terms of their space in the uterus, are distinctly less active and unlikely to move much, naturally leading to a Vertex position head down and facing the spine. This necessitates more time, as baby’s are not as cooperative and can take longer to activate enough activity and reposition their head location arms and legs even cord and placenta which typically are in the way as they lie in a closed fetal. 

There are many factors involved influencing a session such as:

Mothers Level of Hydration 
Overall Position Head Location
Movement/Activity Levels
Placental Location Anterior/Posterior/Fundal
Cord Placement
Hand and Leg/Foot Placement

Our packages prices range from $95.00 to $285.00. 

We accept all major Credit Cards or Cash. 
InfantSeeHD’s ultrasound services are elective non diagnostic procedures. Most medical insurances will not cover them, yet, there are some Flex spending accounts that will. Check with your provider and their terms and conditions. 

Depending on the package of your choice, packages can offer a variety of media such as thermal prints, CD with Jpeg. images, DVD recordings of the entire session and Color picture prints, along with a Complimentary Gift bag full of pregnancy and maternity related materials or baby related samples. 

Please view our web page at

Explore our facilities, our picture gallery, our frequently asked questions and pricing menu of specials and packages.
For FACEBOOK'ers please visit

We also can provide family members with gift certificates for the expectant parents. 

Is your spouse is deployed, possibly away on business,  our services provide a great opportunity to share the experience via recorded video. 

We are open till 7:00PM, Mon-Thurs, Fri. Till 3:00 PM and take appointments on Saturdays and Sundays too. Sun. open bi weekly. 

Please check our schedule or call to reserve your appointment. 
Congratulations again and we look forward to seeing you!
703 537-0410 

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