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Ad number:#657117238
Contact:Samantha C
City:Cambridge, MD


Hi Beautiful,
   Do you need an extra boost of moral support and encouraging words
that dont feel like a generalized (insert boring attempt at motivation
Here) Do you feel unattractive or self concious. Are you wanting to lose
weight but unmotivated? Want a complete makeover but have no one you trust
to give you advice? Sounds like you need a hand. 4 Years ago i had zero
self esteem, Zero REAL love for myself and i was 220lbs. First thing you
have to do is WANT something! Ask yourself.. What do i want? In 7 months
I lost 100lbs (and kept it off) Dyed my hair and was in love with me again! Im not
your ordinary "life coach" I want you to achieve what YOU want to achieve.. Not what society
says.. I will personally spend time with you and listen to you and what goals
Your ready to achieve but just dont know how to get there. If you want a new
wardrobe thats great! You dont need to get what tv says is the latest fashion.
If a woman FEELS sexy then she IS sexy! I want to help you build the relationship
with your self that every woman should have but our own self doubt gets in the way.
I will be there to reassure you and guide you in finding appriciation for yourself.
Everything personally talored to you and what your beautiful self NEEDS. Most "life
coaches" can average up to 200$ for a session, then leaves you high and dry to
solve any anxietys on your own. Unless you want to pay another stiff 200$ for a
2 hour session. I want to empower you again and show you that you've got someone
who legitimatley cares. So heres the deal.. 85$ and you get a 2 hour session tailored
specifically to you. (Dont worry if your not quite sure I specialize in helping you
ask yourself the right questions) With the 85$ you also get the comfortability knowing
you can call Anytime you need reassurance, have a question, or just need a friend..
We are the only ones with the power to change our situation.. You just need a resource
with helpful information, and a legitimate support line. It will be 85$ for any session
but that will get you your 2 hour full attention on you and your 24 hour support line..
Lets get you that confidence back and make you a proud confident woman again.. you want that
workout routine that isnt to difficult and allows you to still eat things you like? I got
you girl! Want to find a style from head to toe including assecories? I have experience
in diet, excersize, and clothing. My ability to really empathize will help give you a motivated
perspective that you yourself believe.. Put down the diet books, put down the excersise tapes
pick up the phone and call or text! Your life changing moment Is NOW!
(if you are not satisfied with me or my abilities you may cancel my services at anytime, keep all
payments except a 10$ showing up fee) I guarentee you wont be disapointed!
call me at 601-300-4815 to set up an appointment or inquire for more details!
Women only please, There may be exceptions depending on the case.

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