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              Yes, my newest trade setup is so good that it is very hard to get a loser.  I will tSCALATOR TRADES will simply amaze you and will quickly add to your pocket book. These two trades are simply amazing!  They are the easiest to spot on the 6 or 8 charts I set up for you to monitor. 

   These trades are the easiest see and to trade.  The rules I teach you for trading these setups are very simple.  I could teach a sixth grader to trade these trades.

   No one is teaching this trade.  It is my unique discovery. You need my platform and indicators to do this trade.    
             With this trade you will win 95% + of this trade.  That is an amazing win rate! You can buy or sell this trade and make money.      

  You do not need much time be able to make this trade.  It is ideal for busy people.  You can easily spot the setup and then enter the trade.  It occurs often on every chart and is over very quickly.  You can spot this setup on a chart within 5 minutes to 30 minutes.  It is very easy to see and identify.

   When you take this trade, you will make from $10 to $450.  The average trade will make you about $50 net of all costs and commissions.   It will quickly earn you $10, $25, $50, $75, $100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 450 and possibly more trading just 1 lot in Forex.  The average win will be around $50.   Remember, you will have 19+ wins and only one loss.  Your loss will be very small.  Most will be less than 5 pips.  That is a very small loss.  With 19 wins, you will have made nearly $1000. 

]         Many of my students trade 2 lots, 5 lots, and more and amass amazing wins. It takes more money to trade 5 lots but you will make 5 times the profit. Trading 5 lots will make the average trade $250.

 I will set you up with 6 or 8 charts to monitor for this trade setup so you will find a trade quickly.  Usually you can find this setup within 15 minutes.  Even it if takes you 30 minutes, it will make you good money.  Sometime you will turn on your computer and see a trade immediately.

          Do not be discourage if some trades break even or only make a few dollars.  You will have other trade that make big wins.  They will happen.

          I will teach you how to manage these trades.  You will learn the clear signs that tell you to exit this trade.  The signals to get out of these trades are usually very clear.



           I will teach you this trade in just 3 hours of training and for only $329.  In the first 2 hours I will set up your platform, teach you how to spot these trades, and teach you all the rules.  They are so simple but you must be taught them.

Then when you see that my trade setups help you to win over and over again, hopefully you will sign up for my full 10 hour training in which I will teach you many other winning trade setups and many other important things to know.
          After every lesson I send you written notes which will help you.  I use  to charge $300 for these notes, but I send them to you absolutely FREE.  They will cover what I teach you about each trade, plus many other things that will help you become a great trader.

With my 10 hour class you will be better than 95% of all the traders.  You learn what to do and what you want to avoid.  I teach you everything, “THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY.” 



         I am not associated with any broker.  I have been a trader for 40 years. I was not always winning.  In my early years, I lost.  I made the mistakes that all traders make.  I tried to teach myself.  I tried trading stocks, options, Futures, and finally Forex.

          I lost a lot of money with expensive trading programs that never made me a winner.  I have spent many $5,000, $10,000, and $15,000 trying to learn how to be a consistent winner.  Yes, I would have winning trades, but then I would lose all of my winnings and go in the hole.  It was very disappointing, but am a stubborn guy and did not give up.

          It wasn’t until I went totally broke in Arizona in the mid-eighties that I got very serious about my trading.  I did not go broke trading.  I went broke in real estate deals which all had a lot of debt attached.  I was a multi-millionair worth millions when I went broke.  It was terrible.

          I started working jobs and saving my money.  I started getting very serious about my trading and I started winning consistently.  I eventually learned the trades that I teach you.  They are not the trades that others teach.  They are not the normal trades that are taught in books.  They are my trades which I learned by observing the charts. 

          The platform that I trade with is the same platform that I will setup for you.  It is exactly the same platform I use.  Every indicator has special settings.  They are the best indicators I have found out of over 100.  This platform is worth the entire cost of my course.

Every trade I teach you has very specific rules.  We will limit your loss on every losing trade.  Every winner will be allowed to run to make you the maximum profit.  Learning when to exit every trade is very important.  With this training you will become better with each hour of my training.

You will win most of your trades on the first trade I teach you. It has taken me years of trials to come up with this platform and these trade setups. 

          This platform will be yours forever.  I do not charge you a monthly fee like so many other trainers do.  You will get a free platform, free live charts, and free indicators.




Go to my email at MRDVD777@GMAIL.COM, or call me at 909-747-7811 or 951-325-8551.  I will talk to you and answer your questions.  I will be your teacher.  Who am I?


         You can signup right now.  Here is how you subscribe!  You will pay $329 for the best trade.  You will win almost every trade.

          If you want to take my 10 hour program, you will pay $799 which save you $200 + you get my $300 note for free.  You will have 6 months to complete these 10 hours.



1.  CHASE BANK:  If you have a Chase Bank Account go to payments & transfers / Chase QuickPay / Send Money/ Send to David Van Dyke / BANK # 322271627 / MY ACCT # 876250861 / AMT $.  ***This is a great way to send money to family, friends, or anyone.  You can send money from any other bank as well. There should be no cost to you.  Best you consult your bank for instructions.

2.  WELLS FARGO BANK:  You can send money to me from your Wells Fargo Bank Account at no cost to you (Debit, credit, or savings) or from any other bank.

a.  Sign on to Wells

b.  Select Transfer Tab

c.  Select Wells Fargo Sure Pay

d.  Follow the easy steps:  You will need the following:

          1.  My bank’s routing #  #122000247

          2.  My account #             #5663343332

          3.  Name of my acct:  David Van Dyke


3. BANK OF AMERICA:  You can send money to me @ my BofA account  at no cost to you by either depositing it to David Van Dyke, account #3250 6276 0186 or to my mobile # 909-747-7811. The bank routing # is 540930106.


4.  PAYPAL:  Just click PAYPAL.COM and follow the directions.  It is free for you to use but they will charge me 3%.  The other methods are free for both of us.

My paypal account is my name, my email  MRDVD777@GMAIL.COM, or my paypal account # which is




OPTION 1A  10 HOUR PACKAGE:  (This is the best option) NORMALLY $999 REDUCED TO $799,   MAKE ONE PAYMENT OF $799  and lasts 12 months

         This 10 hour program is required for those with no prior trading or limited experience  and is expires after 12 months.  Pay in full and save money plus after each lesson I will send one or more of my study guides.  (9 in total) which expand and recap each lesson plus many additional money saving ideas.     Any advanced students who think they do not need all these hours can use any unused hours in live trading with Mr. Van Dyke.   I will help the student to find great trade setups that may help them make back their entire investment. .   One student who had me help him made over $1100 in the crude oil market.   You can also use any extra time to have me analyze your trades to learn how they could be improved.  This is the least expensive per hour program and the best choice for everyone..  

        You will receive written bonus study guides after each lesson which recaps each lesson plus gives you many additional  money making and  saving tips. THIS OFFER MAY NEVER BE OFFERED AGAIN AT THIS REDUCED PRICE AND SAVINGS.  A SAVINGS OF $200 when paid in full at enrollment.    All offerings include my amazing winning trade setups that can make back all of your investment with just a couple of trades. All prices and offerings are for one on one training with internet screen sharing.


            $329 BUYS YOUR FIRST 3 HOUR  (hours 1, 2, & 3)

            $329 BUYS THE NEXT 3 HOURS (hours 4, 5, AND 6)

            $329 BUYS THE NEXT 4 HOURS (YOU GET AN EXTRA bonus hour( hours 7, 8, 9, 10.)

         With any of the payment plans can you pay and learn at your own pace.  There are no fixed set payment schedules and no obligation to make additional payments for additional training. You progress and pay at your own pace and timing.  This is good for 12 months if totally paid within six month.



This price will soon be raised back to $799 but for now you can save $200  and pay only $599.  This program expires after 6 months.  You receive 7 hrs of one on one individualized training in six different sessions with training in in my 8 winning  trade setups.  One or two  winning trades could pay for your entire training.   There are dozens of trades during every session.  You will have plenty of trades to choose from.  You progress in your studies at your own pace and timing. 9/14/18


Go to my email at MRDVD777@GMAIL.COM, or call me at 909-747-7811 or 951-325-8551.  I will talk to you and answer your questions.  I will be your teacher. 







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