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Are you ready for the Worlds greatest Hobby for life price drop save $3000.00


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The question you need to ask is would you want to pay millions for a painting on the wall that you look at boring or would you want to pay thousands for a hobby that will last a lifetime, something you see and feel and control, now that is exciting, its a no brainer. By popular request and for a good cause this magnificent railroad is up for auction  The Freight Liner Express an HO scale Rail Road built for switching, this is the only one available, so if you want it act fast, I am a veteran owned company and I work alone being the cheapest in the business. All the pricing includes material, electronics, components, all the wiring, power packs, wood, animated crossing signals, and all the labor to build from scratch to finish. Remember all trains are included you just plug and play. I  highly recommend that you go to the website to see tons of more pics and videos  , it will blow you away, watch the crossing signals in action  see trains running, just follow the link below. With your contributions you get the Worlds Greatest Hobby for a life-time, and together we will help sick ailing kids and the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews,  they are people who are suffering from dramatic exp. from the Holocaust.   I highly recommend that you go to my website at to see tons of more pics and videos of this magnificent railroad.  Please see Website  at [link removed by eBay] . I have an LLC and   exp. with building HO scale layouts small to medium size layouts.  to you. This one here is the Freight Liner Express, its my first one and I wanted you to see all the details so you know what you can expect from me.,proffessionally built product by a vet.. All my layouts do come with the trains as well. I will be giving you 3 diesel engines one is DC and the other is DCC with sound, plus a dummy you will be getting 4 Tyco passenger cars that light up and you will be getting over 30 freight cars as well., I will be installing a pair of Tomar with bell casting and will have traditional bell module sound, so when the train hits the sensors you will have flashing light with bell sound, incredible just like the real thing,  this railroad is phenominal and is brought to life with MRC sounds of city and country life, so you will hear the cows mooing which matches the cattle grazing on the hill, you will hear the jack hammer which matches my road construction with the new road being built, you will hear the water fall which matches the water fall coming off the tunnel wall and going into the lake where the pick nickers and locals hangout, it also has city traffic and rain and thunder and more sounds that you control at the master control panel. Also the crossing gates are New Jersey international, notice that they are black and white, that is because if you want to run steam engines on this layout you can the era is between  the 1940"s and through early 70"s. This railroad is a freelance rail road made up of my own imagination.  I give you the option of DC/DCC both types of power to choose from. Everything you see on this layout is included, notice the valley that the train goes through.  All my layouts are designed to go in your garage or shed, you will need a fluorescent light to hang above the layout to keep the optical sensors lite up so the crossing signals will work properly and lastly you must be willing to sign a liability waiver.  All tables have caster wheels and can be moved around a bit if need be. Also I have tons of more pics which will be on my website soon. You can also add this to an existing layout or when you are ready to expand the bumpers can come out and you can expand from them as well.   Okay if you like what you see and you want me to build you one I am open for business.  Price list include delivery and also how much you will contribute to the children organizations on behalf of Parker Productions.To see videos of those layout go to my youtube website at Parker Productions HO scale model trains for you. Website is at

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