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New York City: Westchester

TV Mounting Network AP Security Cameras


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Professional TV installation services in the New York area .We have over 25 years of experience
in the low voltage industry.

Enjoy luxury home theater experience without the luxury home entertainment cost.

We provide five star customer service and stress free installation .

we offer flat screen television mounting services for drywall, brick, stone, and concrete surfaces.

We can provide everything for your installation such as mounts, brackets, HDMI cables, , wall plates, etc.

Our installation packages deliver the best deals and exceptional customer service experience.

Make appointments online or via phone.

0 - 65 inch $99.00 Mount TV on WALL (drywall)

70 - 86 inch $149.99 Mount TV on WALL (drywall)
Additional cost for TV mounts

Hide cables in wall
Discount for multiple TV`s
Install and mount speakers (wires hidden)

Hook up existing cable equipment

Program TV and receiver
Program remotes
Tutorial on how to work your new system
Professionals Service Without the Attitude!!

Vertical outlet Relocation and audiovisual cable run $75 - $150

( custom installation wires hidden behind TV )

pricing can vary dependent on circumstances (interior vs. exterior walls, ceiling, stone brick vs. drywall)
Outlet / Cable line needs to be directly below the TV. Price varies if outlets connections not directly under TV.

Please call for - above Fireplace TV Mounting / Surround Sound / Projector & Screen / Wall Shelf / Surveillance Camera, TV removal and delivery / Video Doorbell , Network Access Points , TVs over 86 inch and Video Wall installation rates.

( Fireplace )

Flat panel TV installation over fireplace is the best-looking TV installation. Fireplace is usually the centerpiece of the room.

It's perfectly safe to mount TVs over the fireplace. Wall above fireplace is just like any other wall in your house and in some cases even stronger. Two major Things to consider before TV installation over fireplace. First is TV viewing height. Second wire concealment. Wires have to be longer than regular TV installations.

( Surround Sound )

Surround speakers can be positioned on sidewalls or the rear wall. In media rooms, location usually depends on architectural elements of the room such as windows and doorways. In an existing home, wiring for wall-mounted speakers is typically much less time consuming and invasive than for ceiling speakers.

If you are creating a media room from scratch or have easy ceiling access, there are many ceiling mount speakers that can be angled toward the listening position. In situations where you absolutely have no room for a speaker anywhere other than at the TV, something you may consider is a speaker bar, with multiple speakers in one compact cabinet. Some speaker bars offer a wireless subwoofer.

( Projector )

A true home projector experience can take you away to another place. You become so immersed in the film you feel like you are part of the movie. This is what happens when you create a real home theater room, dedicated to surround sound and great video. The goal is to create exactly what happens in a movie theater, with the image from a high quality projector reflecting to your eyes from a large film screen.

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