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Contact:Colter Young
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Hello homeowners and property managers. I am a full time air B&B host and have put together a pretty sweet home security package that actually works. No tapes or discs to change. No communication wires to run. I use these cameras in public places on the properties such as front door and in common areas if it is a shared space. I also make sure to disclose that security devices are present in the listing I include locations Etc..( Garrage, Outside Front Door, pool)  

At first I was hesitant to install the cameras because I thought it would deter potential guests so I tried it on a single property and didn’t have any effect on my booking rate. Within the first week of installing I had a guest steal a piece of art from one of the common areas on a multi room property. The week after that I checked in on one of my properties that had an unusual number of people going in and out of a house. I drove out to the property and found out there was a party going on in the house that specifically excludes parties in the rental agreement. I talked to the guests and had broken up the party.

About my system:

I use a Wifi enabled IP-cam that can see in night and day. They are all sending video to a small video collection computer. The small collection computer is simultaneously used as a server that allows your phone or laptop device to view live and past footage and motion allerts. 

The footage activity can be viewed on a timeline that displays when motion takes place. Easy to narrow on activity and events so you don’t have to dig thru files or rewind tape.


My products/services include: Installation of cameras, provide video collection pc with pre-installed security monitoring software, configuration of the cameras and monitoring application and training.

The hardware I provide is bullet proof and is the result of lots of trial and error. If you already have a pc or a laptop laying around, we could use that for the data collection server.

Send me a request and will come out and take a look at what you have going on free of charge. 

Thanks and have a nice day!


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