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New York City: Bronx

Affordable HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 Free Estimates


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Affordable HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 Free Estimates Gas Boilers, Central Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, Compressors, Freon, Water Heaters. 201-398-5999 Schedule Online and Save $ 5.00 “Current Special” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OIL BURNER / FURNACE COMPLETE ANNUAL MAINTENANCE-$175.00 or 125. CASH SPECIAL Replace Oil Burner Nozzle Replace oil filter Replace or clean oil pump filter screen Clean, vacuum, and inspect all smoke pipe Clean, vacuum, and inspect heat exchanger Clean, vacuum, and inspect chimney base. Clean, vacuum, and inspect combustion chamber Clean and inspect electrodes Clean and inspect nozzle assembly Clean and inspect all burner components Clean and inspect blower motor, wheel and housing Oil any motors or moving parts ( as required ) Clean outside jacket and surrounding area Tune unit to peak efficiency using instruments Check Flue pipe condition Provide you with your heating units current efficiency rating Check condition of all visible oil lines, above ground oil tanks, and oil line connections Check that all controls and components are functioning properly ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ COMPLETE GAS Furnace COMPLETE ANNUAL MAINTENANCE--$150.00 or $ 99. CASH SPECIAL Vacuum blower motor Clean and adjust all furnace safety devices Inspect pilot and/or flame sensor Clean and inspect burners Inspect motors and if necessary lubricate moving parts Clean and/or replace 1 standard filter as needed Check furnace flue and venting for carbon monoxide leaks Test for natural gas leaks around furnace Check furnace blower compartment for cleanliness Check furnace for proper cycling Measure temperature variation on supply/return Check and adjust thermostat if necessary Check and if needed tighten all electrical connections Inspect condensate line Inspect condensate pump if applicable Check for cleanliness of ductwork Inspect fan belt tension if applicable Check thermocouple if applicable Test ignition system for proper operation Measure furnace blower motor amperage and voltage Test furnace safety and control circuits for proper operation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW “Comfortmaker” 80% Gas forced air gas furnace up to 80,000 btu's with 10 year parts warranty fully installed into your existing duct work for $1995.00. or $ 1700. cash special. (includes new honeywell digital thermostat) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Utica 96,000 BTU CAST-IRON (NATURAL GAS) HOT WATER BOILER (MODEL NO. UH15B96) - $4,299.00 Replacement Installation 3,900 Cash Special -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Make sure you call us for your heater tune up before the cold weather rush! YEARLY OIL TUNE-UP/SAFETY INSPECTION and NATURAL GAS/PROPANE TUNEUP/SAFETY INSPECTION FOR YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS HEATING SYSTEM WE SERVICE AND INSTALL ALL MAKES AND MODELS WE ALSO SERVICE AND INSTALL: Furnaces, Boilers, Heat Pumps, Mini Splits, Gas Fireplaces, Chimney Liners, Attic Fans, Electronic Air Cleaners, Whole House Humidifiers, Hot Water Heaters, Generators, Whole House Water Filtration Systems, Ultra Violet Water Filtration, and more! • Just like a vehicle tune-up, a heating system tune-up performed annually can minimize expensive breakdowns and help to maintain efficiency, which can wane over time. • Even though your home feels comfortable, there may be unidentified heating system problems like dirt and corrosion that can increase your energy costs. • Depending on your heating equipment a furnace tune-up may pay for itself many times over in energy savings alone. • Manufacturers may require regular maintenance be performed to validate your furnace warranty. • Properly-maintained heating and cooling equipment lasts longer, and may prevent more costly repairs down the road. • Regular equipment tune-ups can identify and eliminate potential safety and health issues. • New furnaces and boilers can operate at peak efficiencies, whereas, 10-15 year old equipment may waste 20-30% energy. Central Air Conditioning Replacements Gas Furnace and Boiler Replacements Water Heater Replacements We Service All Makes and Models of Heating & Central Air Conditioners Free 2nd Opinion FREE ESTIMATES Gas Boilers and Furnace Installation / Repair Areas We Service: Belleville NJ 07109 Bloomfield NJ 07003 Caldwell NJ 07006,07007 Cedar Grove NJ 07009 Essex Fells NJ 07021 Fairfield NJ 07004 Glen Ridge NJ 07028 Irvington NJ 07111 Livingston NJ 07039 Maplewood NJ 07040 Millburn NJ 07041 Montclair NJ 07042 Montclair NJ 07043 N Caldwell NJ 07006 North Caldwell NJ 07006 Nutley NJ 07110 Orange NJ 07050,07051 Roseland NJ 07068 Short Hills NJ 07078 South Orange NJ 07079 Upper Montclair NJ 07043 Verona NJ 07044 West Caldwell NJ 07006,07007 West Orange 07052

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