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Need a new fence installed? Blown over fence line from the hurricane? Have a few missing fence panels? Pickets destroyed or unsightly? Need to start a project on a budget?

Hi, if any of the above apply to you, call or text (407) 406-3699 to schedule your free AT-HOME consultation today! We can have your project started within the week!

Ever since Hurricane Irma struck Florida, my team and I have been busy helping the greater Orlando community get their homes back in shape, where services ranged from fixing leaks, roof repair, repairing outdoor fixtures and structures, installing screen, major demolition, renovation and home improvement projects. In addition to home repair/renovation projects, we've also done a handful of fences, where fences have been completely destroyed in sections, simply blown over out of the ground, or maybe it's an aged fence. Maybe you're interested in a brand new fence!

We've done it all, everything from removing posts (broken or otherwise) from the ground, to picking up the broken pieces and hauling them away, and installing brand new fence, just like the professionals, with more than 5 years experience, techniques and tools of the trade to perfect a brand new fence for your yard. Best of all, we're local. We operate without the overhead and at close to a quarter of the cost LESS than the competition. You can see for yourself and speak to one of our reps about your FREE estimate on any fence removal, repair, and installation!

We've worked with HoA's to install consistent fence lines for neighborhoods, realtors and property managers looking for cheap and fast repair work to restore fence lines and panels, as well as local residents and businesses, all with one goal in common: A GREAT LOOKING FENCE! Using local material and simple, yet professionally-proven methods, we can fabricate custom sections and gates for any project. Whatever it takes is our motto!

Despite being located out of northeastern Orlando, we've serviced areas as far south as Hunter's Creek, Kissimmee, and Lake Nona, as far west as Ocoee and Pine Hills, as far east as the greater UCF area, and as far north as Deltona and Orange City.

Call (407) 406-3699 to schedule your FREE at-home consultation today, and have your project started within the week!

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