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Nice Arabian Mare


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Ad number:#375266376
Contact:Sarah Woodman
City:Twin Falls
Price:$1500. negotiable
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Meet Macurra 

Her name may be odd but has a lot of meaning. This name is recorded in over two hundred and fifty different spellings  ranging from Mathieu of France to Macieiczyk of Poland. From medieval times it has been recorded in ever The derivation is from the Hebrew given name "Macurra”  meaning "gift of the Lord.” 

After your history lesson, your probably wanting to know a little bit more about her. 

Macurra is an 18yr old 14.2hh purebred Arabian with a whole lotta spirit. She is super easy going but She loves to go, go, go and you would never know she was 18. She will let you do anything with her. She has always been on the thinner side and doesn’t gain a lot of muscle because of her fast motabolism but if she is on hay and grain she should be fine. 


She isn’t afraid of hardly anything and can be ridden anywhere! I live in the middle of twin falls so there’s not a lot of riding options without travel so I would ride everywhere in town. Cars, flags, people, loud noises, dogs, etc. don’t scare her at all. She has been used in numerous parades carrying flags. I have also used her on Halloween in a full blown costume. (We went as the grim reaper on a horse) She likes being a leader but will be a follower as well. She loves trail rides in the hills but has a little bit of a hard time crossing water when being ridden but will cross water if being lead across. She is safe for any one to ride but I would suggest at least intermediate leveled due to her speed and sensitivity. 


Macurra rides English, bareback, and western beautifully. I use mainly voice cues for her speeds because her sides are very sensitive to touch. She can side pass a little bit, back up even though it’s a little awkward, she loves to run but will also go slower if asked. She is trained on both bit and hackamore and responds to both well. 


She loads into a trailer very well, stands for farrier, picks up all feet easily, stands tied well for long periods of time, stands for tacking up, stands for bathing even though she doesn’t enjoy it, listens good in round pen, she is easy to catch, etc. If you think she can do it she probably can. 


She doesn’t have any major medical problems. She is a little thinner than some people want but it’s not unhealthy and doesn’t affect her. In the summer she does get a small fungus on the back of her legs from the heat but can be treated with a fung-a-way treatment. She also has a scar on her right front leg from a barbed wire accident before I owned her. It is a little stiff from her the cut but it doesn’t affect her at all. The hair never grew back completely due to how severe the cut was but that’s the only thing. 


She doesn’t really have any bad habits that I can think of besides she gets a little pushy if you have grain. But what horse doesn’t. She has never bitten or kicked. If she isn’t ridden in a while she might try a little crow hop here and there but nothing bad and it doesn’t continue. She is super intelligent and learns things fast. I have gotten her to lie down but I haven’t done it in a long time so she probably still can’t do it. I have had her step up on pedestals  and she is completely okay with it. We used to do liberty but don’t anymore from lack of time. She is also very food driven and She loves peppermints and sugar cubes. Also a cute thing she does is if you blow on her lips she’ll give you kisses. And if you scratch her udders, she’ll lift up her leg like a dog. :) 


I’m not able to keep her because I don’t have the time for two horses anymore. She doesn’t rely on attention and is okay without a lot of it but she does enjoy it. I’m hoping to find a good home for her where she will get a lot of attention and love. 


If you have questions text me at 2089616280, comment, or pm me. Any time of day is okay but no calls. 


I am located in twin falls, Idaho.

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